50 Short Affirmations to Inspire You

Repeating short affirmations over again can help to improve your outlook and your view on life. Give it a try and save some of these short affirmations.

It is my hope that they inspire and motivate you to live your best, most authentic life.

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Short affirmations for self love

1.   I adore the body I have.
2.   I am amazing inside and out.
3.   I believe in myself and my skills.
4.   I am proud of me.
5.   I am happy with my growth and progress.

short affirmations: I am proud of me. I am happy with my growth and progress

6.   I can validate my own thoughts and emotions.
7.   I choose to not judge myself or others.
8.   I will be gentle with my mind and body.
9.   I deserve to rest.
10. I am going to value my time.

11. I actively choose to be at peace.
12. I deserve quiet.
13. I will protect my mind and body.
14. I choose to set boundaries to protect myself.
15. I am divinity.

short affirmations: I choose to set boundaries to protect myself

Short affirmations for success

16. I will take one step forward today, every day, forever.
17. I trust my abilities.
18. I choose to invest in myself.
19. I can see success in my future.
20. I am committed to meeting my goals.

21. I will put in the work.
22. I release all my doubts and limiting beliefs.
23. I am far more than my mistakes.
24. I choose to grow my confidence.
25. I can do this.

short affirmations: I release all my doubts and limiting beliefs

26. I will always try my best.
27. I am willing to take a leap of faith.
28. I vow to spread my wings.
29. I must celebrate all the small wins.
30. I will rise to the occasion with grace and light.

Short affirmations for students

31. I am loved no matter what.
32. I am courageous enough to try.
33. I am not afraid of doing hard work.
34. I release the pressure I put on myself.
35. I commit to healthy habits today.

short affirmations: I release the pressure I put on myself

36. I will be determined
37. I am optimistic and hopeful.
38. I rather try than not.
39. I must step out of my comfort zone to make it bigger.
40. I am learning and getting better everyday.

More short affirmations

41. I choose to stay grounded here and now.
42. I am happy to see and experience today.
43. I can release my mental load.
44. I deserve to say no, when I need to.
45. I will prioritize my joy.

short affirmations: I will prioritize my joy

46. It is okay to press pause today.
47. I am grateful for my life.
48. I will focus on my energy on what serves me.
49. I can unlearn all that does not serve me.
50. I am worthy of everything.

Which are your favorite affirmations? I’d love to hear.


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