100 Short Positive Affirmations: Keep Repeating Them

These short positive affirmations are here to give you a boost!

Repeat them and feel that confidence grow!

When you’re done, check out these affirmations to start the new week off.

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Short Positive Affirmations

“I Am” Affirmations

1.   I am awesome.

2.   I am positive.

3.   I am grateful for all that I have.

4.   I am happy and joyful.

5.   I am calm, patient and at peace.

6.   I am strong and getting stronger every day.

7.   I am tough and resilient.

8.   I am constantly growing and improving.

9.   I am brave and fearless.

10. I am free.

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11. I am full of light and I radiate positivity.

12. I am trustworthy, reliable and responsible.

13. I am smart and talented.

14. I am focused and motivated.

15. I am a success.

16. I am proud of myself.

17. I am amazed by what I can do.

18. I am an inspiration.

19. I am confident in all that I am, all that I have and all that I can do.

20. I am beautiful.


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I am affirmations featured image

21. I am attractive and deserving of love.

22. I am kind and considerate.

23. I am empathetic and compassionate.

24. I am worthy.

25. I am a somebody.

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Think Like a Monk: Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Every Day
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26. I am already enough.

27. I am not my mistakes.

28. I am learning and getting better.

29. I am learning my purpose in life and fulfilling it.

30. I am willing and able to do what I need to do to achieve my dreams.

31. I am driven.

32. I am committed to meeting my goals.

33. I am willing to step out of my comfort zone.

34. I am ready for great things and great experiences.

35. I am ready for the future with optimism and determination.

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“I Choose” Positive Affirmations

36. I choose to love myself totally and completely.

37. I choose to be happy for myself; and for others.

38. I choose to be calm and positive.

39. I choose to make today a great day.

40. I choose to enjoy my life.

41. I choose to be brave and take a leap of faith.

42. I choose healthy habits today and every day.

43. I choose to say no, when I need to.

44. I choose to let go of negative emotions.

45. I choose to speak up when I have had enough.

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46. I choose to prioritize myself.

47. I choose to trust my gut and instincts.

48. I choose to never apologize for being true to myself.

49. I choose to be comfortable around others.

50. I choose to try, even though I am afraid.

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51. I choose to make simple goals and work to achieve them.

52. I choose to make my own path.

53. I choose to perfect my craft.

54. I choose to learn from my mistakes.

55. I choose to forgive myself.

56. I choose to not be offended.

57. I choose to not react.

58. I choose to not worry.

59. I choose to not compare myself to others.

60. I choose to not spiral into negative emotions.

61. I choose to not criticize and judge myself.

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62. I choose to not allow others to take advantage of me.

63. I choose to not be pushed out.

64. I choose to not be a martyr.

65. I choose to let go of toxic relationships.

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100 short positive affirmations

“I Know” Positive Affirmations

66. I know I have everything I need to succeed.

67. I know I will be ok, no matter what.

68. I know I will be ok and be loved even if I do not succeed in this moment.

69. I know I will be successful.

70. I know I can be and do anything.

71. I know I will do what is right.

72. I know I will be happy again.

73. I know being angry only hurts me.

74. I know the opinions of others about my life are irrelevant.

75. I know I have the power to make myself happy.

76. I know perfectionism is a myth.

77. I know I am in God’s hands.

“I Deserve” Positive Affirmations

78. I deserve love and support.

79.  I deserve happiness.

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80.   I deserve the best.

81.   I deserve to be proud of myself.

82.  I deserve my own approval.

83.  I deserve to get excited, for little things and big things.

84.  I deserve rest.

85. I deserve to take care of myself.

86. I deserve time off.

87. I deserve to take time for my body to heal.

88.  I deserve to take time to gather my thoughts.

89.  I deserve peace and quiet.

90.  I deserve to be listened to and heard.

91. I deserve to be understood.

92.  I deserve for my feelings to be validated.

93.  I deserve stability and to feel safe.

94.  I deserve to display my full talent, intelligence and competence without fear or worry.

95.  I deserve to feel more than (not less than).

96.  I deserve someone who listens, understands and loves me for me.

97.  I deserve to express my emotions.

98.  I deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

99.   I deserve to share the responsibility and not shoulder all the burden alone.

100. I deserve to take my time to make a difficult decision and not be rushed.

There it is 100 short positive affirmations.

Print them out. Repeat them. Manifest them and invite positivity into your life.

Do you have any favorites? Anything not on this list? Let me know! I’d love to hear yours.

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