30 Self Care Affirmations: You Deserve Rest and Gentleness

Self care is incredibly important to prevent burnout and let our mind, body and soul reset, rest, and rejuvenate. I hope these self care affirmations are great reminders to take time for yourself.

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Self care affirmations

  1. My nervous system deserves a break to enter rest and digest mode.
  2. Rest is a necessary step in healing, growing and evolving. I deserve rest.
  3. My health is a priority. My physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health are a priority to me.
  4. An empty cup cannot fill anyone. I deserve to fill my cup before trying to fill anyone else’s.
  5. I deserve happiness, joy and lightness.
  1. A safe space to exist is what I need. I deserve peace.
  2. I deserve to be honest and express myself fully and completely without fear or worry.
  3. Taking time to breathe deeply is what I deserve.
  4. I deserve to live with freedom of choice, of expression, and of action, without constriction or judgement.
  5. Life is filled with beauty and wonder. I deserve to enjoy it.

Positive affirmations for self care

  1. I choose to give myself grace today.
  2. Compassion and non-judgement is what I deserve. I vow to be compassionate to myself.
  3. I am worthy of love and kindness, especially from myself.
  4. I call my own energy back to myself. It’s my turn to focus on me and my needs.
  5. I am a lot stronger than I realize and a lot more resilient. I can make the hard decisions to protect my health and my peace.
  1. I validate myself and trust my intuition and my body. What is for me will be.
  2. I deserve to nourish every part of my being.
  3. I choose to live authentically and will embrace all the happy and dark parts of me.
  4. I accept myself.
  5. I will focus on the positive, happy glimmers of the day.

Self-care affirmations for moms

  1. All jobs, passions and hobbies have breaks so you won’t burnout. I deserve to take a break from being a mom too.
  2. My identity is more than being a mom. I am a whole individual with interests, goals, and aspirations. It’s okay to have them and to pursue them.
  3. It is perfectly acceptable to delegate parts of my mommy responsibilities, even if it’s for a short time.
  4. Self care makes me a better mom, a happier mom.
  5. Asking for help when I need it makes me a great mom and a great partner.
  1. Mental load is best shared among my support system. I vow to no longer carry all the load on my shoulders.
  2. My happiness matters just as much as everyone else’s.
  3. I deserve to have my needs met.
  4. Cutting toxicity and judgment out of my day are necessary parts of self care.
  5. My inner child deserves to come out to play, to be treated gently and to be happy.

I hope these beautiful self care affirmations help you to find calmness, peace and gentleness. You are worthy just as you are.

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