60 Tuesday Affirmations for Motivation and Work

Is it just me or are Tuesdays harder than Mondays? If you are looking for a little inspiration today, I hope these Tuesday affirmations keep you motivated and productive.

While it’s great to have affirmations for the morning and work, it is also important to focus on your body and mental health. As Penny Reid said, “Don’t set yourself on fire trying to keep others warm.” So, be sure to prioritize yourself on this Tuesday. And check out more affirmations here.

60 tuesday affirmations for a little extra motivation

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Tuesday affirmations for the morning

  1. I am happy and grateful for this new Tuesday.
  2. I welcome this day with a smile and positive energy.
  3. I shed the past this morning and embrace the possibilities of today.
  4. I trust the universe will guide me today.
  5. I am open to going with the flow and allowing the day to unfold.
  6. I am determined and focus today.
  7. Tuesday is a great day for achieving big goals.
  8. Today I am ready for what life has in store for me.
  9. What is meant for me will reveal itself to me.
  10. I am optimistic and hopeful on this Tuesday.
  11. I am excited for the day.
  12. I will give myself grace today.
  13. I deserve compassion and non-judgement. I vow to give that to myself.
  14. I am worthy of love and kindness from my own self and from those around me.
  15. Things are never as bad as my anxiety makes it out to be. I release those anxieties beforehand and embrace hard things with more lightness.
  16. I have always had more strength than I ever thought I had. This Tuesday, I am still strong.
  17. I choose to approach today with an open and positive mindset.
  18. I accept today may not be perfect. Nothing ever is, but I am determined to do my best.
  19. I am intent on having a good day.
  20. Tuesday is a great day to take risks.
  21. I will be present in the moment today, making the most of this Tuesday.
  22. I choose to prioritize my mental and physical health today.
  23. I will look at today with a balanced point of view and appreciate the highs and lows of this Tuesday.
  24. I will bring light and positivity wherever I go.
  25. I choose to not take things personally today.

Tuesday affirmations for work

  1. I am capable of handling Tuesday’s challenges.
  2. I can approach hard tasks with ease and efficiency.
  3. I trust myself to make the best decisions with the information I have.
  4. I commit to my goals on this Tuesday and strive to contribute to the success of my team.
  5. I am a problem solver.
  6. I appreciate the work opportunities in my life.
  7. Work is productive. Rest is productive too, even on a Tuesday.
  8. I choose to enjoy the journey of achieving my goals as well as the achievement of those goals.
  9. Overthinking can be paralyzing. I promise to think a little less and do a little more today.
  10. I am confident in my capabilities.
  11. I am open to feedback and will grow from it.
  12. I commit to learning.
  13. Mistakes are a normal part of the learning process. It is okay to make them.
  14. Failing isn’t just the end of something, it is also the beginning of something new, something better and something that’s perfect for me.
  15. I release my fear of failure and I am determined to succeed.
  16. I am proud of myself and have pride in the work I do.
  17. Communication and respect are keys needed to create a positive work environment. I will do my part to help foster that type of environment today.
  18. Having differing opinions in the workplace is healthy. I will listen to these opinions with openness and non-judgment.
  19. I strive to create a safe workplace that is inclusive, diverse, and free from micro-aggressions.
  20. I am appreciated.
  21. I will strive to create a workplace where everyone is valued and respected.
  22. I will take initiative today and find opportunities for growth and professional development.
  23. I will set and maintain appropriate boundaries for work to have a healthy work-life balance.
  24. It is okay to take a break from work this Tuesday to reset.
  25. I celebrate my successes today, big and small. They are great motivations to keep going.

Tuesday motivational affirmations

  1. I am energized and motivated to have a productive Tuesday.
  2. I will have a growth mindset today.
  3. I welcome change and the positive things it can bring into my life.
  4. I am resilient and resourceful.
  5. I am worthy of happiness.
  6. I am making progress.
  7. I have accomplished more than what I thought was possible. I will continue on this path.
  8. I am doing my best! And that’s good enough.
  9. One step at a time is all I need to do.
  10. I end today knowing I tried my best.

Those are my Tuesday affirmations. Do you have any to add? Drop a comment below. And check out these affirmations too!

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  1. Thank you for sharing these affirmations. I always really struggle on Tuesdays. It’s not quite the middle of the week and it always seems to drag. I really needed this post today. xxx

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