List of Trinidad and Tobago Recipes

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Popular Trinidad & Tobago Food

Trinidad food doubles

20 Popular Dishes in Trinidad and Tobago

With African, Creole, East Indian, Chinese and Syrian flavors and influences, Trinidad food has something delicious for everyone. Here are 20 popular Trini dishes.

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dhal, rice and tomato choka

Trinidad Food Products: 20 Must-Have Ingredients

From green seasoning to curry powder and bitters, find some must have ingredients in this Trinidad food products list.

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Full List of Recipes

Aloo pie

Aloo Pie

Aloo pie is a delicious fried dough stuffed with potatoes that have been seasoned with garam masala, pepper and Caribbean green seasoning. It is served with curried channa (chickpeas) or chutneys like mango or tamarind.

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Trinidad milk barfi featured image


Milk barfi is an Indian sweet treat made with milk powder, sugar and spices and topped with rainbow sprinkles. It’ll likely remind you of a fun milky fudge.

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fruit cake slice

Black Cake (Fruit Cake)

Trinidad black cake is a popular Christmas cake made with rum soaked dried fruits, browning and spices along with common cake ingredients.

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Breadfruit Pie Slice

Breadfruit Pie

This simple breadfruit pie recipe is an adaptation of a vegetarian potato pie. It is made with breadfruit, butter, cheese, and fresh Caribbean green seasonings.

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browning sauce

Browning Sauce

Browning sugar creates a rich, flavorful browning sauce that adds a molasses-like, smoky taste to many Caribbean dishes. It also acts like a natural food coloring.

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Trinidad callaloo


This beloved dish is made with young taro (or dasheen) leaves, pumpkin, okra, coconut milk, and seasonings. It makes an exceptionally tasty soup with dumplings or a saucy side dish for lunch.

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green seasoning

Caribbean Green Seasoning

Caribbean green seasoning is a fresh, sharp, herbaceous paste made with chadon beni (culantro), garlic, pepper and other seasonings. It is used in Caribbean cuisine to marinate meats and flavor food and is a stronger version of chimichurri and pesto.

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Chadon beni sauce featured image

Chadon Beni Sauce

Chadon beni sauce is a popular condiment in T&T. It is a must-have on favorites like doubles and bake and shark. Try this recipe.

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How to Season Chicken with Caribbean Green Seasoning

How to Season Chicken

Here’s how I prepare and season raw chicken with delicious Caribbean flavors. And yes I do wash the meat.

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Brown stew chicken

Stew Chicken

Imagine delicious chicken cooked in caramelized sugar and Caribbean seasonings. That’s Trinidad-style brown stew chicken in a nutshell. It has such an amazing depth of flavor.

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Chiquito fig (Featured image)

Chiquito Fig: Boil and Fry Fig

Chiquito fig or baby bananas can be boiled when ripe or half-ripe and stir fried with onions and garlic. It is a simple vegan, gluten-free recipe.

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Aloo choka featured image

Aloo Choka

Aloo or potato choka is a spicy mashed potato dish made with potatoes, onions, garlic, seasonings and sometimes cumin powder. It’s great for breakfast alongside sada roti and other chokas.

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Baigan choka with cooked onions

Baigan Choka

Baigan or eggplant choka is made with roasted eggplant and garlic, all mashed together and mixed with onions, seasonings, and hot oil. It has a wonderful smoky, sharp taste.

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Tomato choka featured

Tomato Choka

Like baigan choka, tomato choka is made with roasted tomatoes and garlic, onion, pepper and seasonings. Roasting infuses smoky flavors and the fresh seasonings brighten up the dish.

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chori bhagi

Chori Bhagi

Spiny pigweed or spiny amaranth or chori bhagi is a common weed that makes a flavorful spinach substitute.

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Cucumber chow

Cucumber Chow

Cucumber chow is a refreshing, spicy snack made with cucumbers, chadon beni (culantro), cilantro, garlic, salt, pepper and a touch of acid.

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Mango chow

Mango Chow

Mango chow is a sweet, tangy and spicy street food that combines half-ripe or ripe mango pieces, seasonings, and spices to create a delicious, healthy snack.

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Pineapple chow (Featured)

Pineapple chow

Pineapple chow has contrasting flavor with pineapple, seasonings, salt, and pepper. Get sweetness, spiciness and saltiness all together in one delicious bowl.

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Cocoa balls featured

Cocoa Balls

Caribbean cocoa balls are made with roasted cocoa beans and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. The cocoa balls are used to make cocoa tea.

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corn soup featured image

Corn Soup

Trinidad corn soup is a popular street food made with corn, yellow split peas (dhal), provisions, veggies, and Caribbean seasonings. Flour dumplings and fresh coconut milk are also must-haves in the soup.

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Curry duck featured image

Curry Duck

Curry duck (NOT DUCK CURRY) is an incredibly popular dish made with Muscovy duck pieces, fresh Caribbean green seasoning, curry powder, veggies and sometimes coconut milk. It is served alongside roti or rice.

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Trinidad dhal is made with yellow split peas (dhal), turmeric, salt, pepper and seasonings. Cumin seeds and garlic are roasted in hot oil and added to the boiled dhal.

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gulab jamoon featured

Gulab Jamoon

Trini gulab jamoon is an elongated Indian sweet made with flour and dairy products that has been deep fried and coated with a sugary syrup.

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trinidad kurma on blue towel


Trinidad kurma is a deep-fried Indian treat made with flour, butter and spices and coated with a spiced syrup (called paag).

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trini parsad recipe


Parsad or prasad is an Indian sweet treat made to be offered to the Supreme Being during Hindu prayer ceremonies. It is typically made with ghee (clarified butter), flour, milk, sugar, raisins, and spices like ginger and cardamom. Cream of wheat can also be added.

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Trinidad pelau featured image


Trinidad chicken pelau is a delicious one-pot dish made with caramelized chicken, pigeon peas, rice, and veggies that are cooked in coconut milk, broth and Caribbean seasonings.

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pholourie featured image


Pholourie is a fried dough ball made with flour, split peas powder, and seasonings and served with chutneys like mango, tamarind, and pommecythere (golden apple).

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Plated boiled plantain

Boiled Plantain

This is the easiest and healthiest plantain recipe you can try. Boiling ripe plantains still retain their delicious, naturally-sweet taste.

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Fried plantain featured image

Fried Plantain

Ripe plantain slices can be fried in vegetable oil until they form a dark crust on the outside and are soft on the inside. The slices add this wonderful sweet element to any Caribbean lunch or early breakfast.

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finished dhalpuri roti

Dhalpuri Roti

Dhalpuri is one type of roti stuffed with ground yellow split peas (dhal) that has been seasoned with salt, garlic, turmeric powder, cumin powder, fresh herbs and pepper.

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dosti roti featured

Dosti Roti

Dosti roti is a double layered roti mainly made with flour and water and stuck together with butter or oil and dry flour. While the roti is being cooked, the layers separate.

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Whole sada roti featured image

Sada Roti

Sada roti is a round, leavened flatbread similar to chapati and pita bread. It is a popular breakfast food in Trinidad and Tobago; but is rooted in East Indian cuisine.

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Spiced sponge cake featured

Sponge Cake: Spiced

This Trinidad sponge cake recipe is a little heavy-handed on the spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and tonka bean. The spices give the cake such a tasty, memorable flavor. For a simple sponge cake, reduce the amount of spices.

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Trinidad Sweet Bread Featured Image

Sweet Bread (Eggless)

Trinidad sweet bread is a classic dessert that’s popular around Christmas time. It is made with fresh coconut meat, raisins, mixed peel, and spices.

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Tamarind balls in glass

Tamarind Balls

Tamarind balls are sweet, spicy, flavorful treats that are favorites throughout the Caribbean. They’re made with tamarind, sugar, and seasonings like garlic, pepper and green seasoning.

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