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Caribbean food

Caribbean and Trinidadian recipes
(Sweets section has more recipes)

Aloo Pie
Browning Sauce
Callaloo, Trinidad
Chiquito Fig: Boil & Fry
Chori Bhagi | Amaranth
Chow: Cucumber
Chow: Mango
Chow: Pineapple
Chicken: Stewed
Dhal: Trinidad
How to make browning sugar | Browning sauce
Duck: Trinidad, Curried
Green Seasoning
Pelau: Trinidad, Chicken
Plantain: Fried
Tamarind Paste
Tomato: Choka
Tomato: Fried


Boiled, roasted, and other hearty, healthy recipes

18 Hearty Soup Recipes
Cauliflower: Roasted
Plantain: Boiled
Salad: Cucumber Recipes (round-up)
Simple Quinoa
Soup: Hearty Recipes (round-up)
Soup: Tomato Basil

Desserts & Sweets

Muffins, breads, popsicles, and other sweet treats

Blueberry muffins
Agar Agar Jelly with Pomegranate
Banana Bread: Chocolate Chip
Muffin: Blueberry with Nutmeg
Plantain Bread
Popsicle: Cucumber, Lime, Mint
Popsicle: Guava Pineapple
Popsicle: Passion Fruit with Guava
Popsicle: Strawberry Blueberry
Popsicle: Watermelon Berry
Sweet Bread: Trinidad, Eggless
Tamarind Balls


Juices, teas, cocktails and more

Soursop juice in glass with seeds
Cocktail: 4th of July
Cocktail: Passion Fruit Syrup
Juice: Cucumber (3 recipes)
Juice: Passion fruit
Juice: Soursop
Juice: Tamarind
Tea: Hibiscus Tea
Tea: Lemongrass
Tea: Soursop
Tea: West Indian Bay Leaf


More food recipes

100 Ways to Reduce Food Waste
Biscuits: Cheddar Bay
Bread: Easy Bread Rolls
Choux Pastry: Dairy-free with Rosemary
Potatoes: Stuffed with Herbs