42 Friday Affirmations for Positivity, Work and the Weekend

Yay to Friday! As the work week winds down, it’s a great time to reflect on the week and everything you accomplished. It’s also important to release any negative feelings and focus on healing and self care.

These Friday affirmations are here to help with just that so you can start the weekend off right. Oh and, if you’re interested, I’ve got some weekend affirmations too! Feel free to check them out.

42 friday affirmations: end the work week by releasing any negative feelings and focus on healing and self care

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Friday morning affirmations

  1. I am grateful to see another Friday. FriYAY!
  2. I cherish this new day as a gift.
  3. I welcome this new day with excitement and joy. It’s going to be a great day.
  4. I will bring the fun and positivity today.
  5. I am hopeful and optimistic.
  6. It is a great day to wrap up the old and start something new.
  7. I am thankful for this week. I celebrate the highs, learn from the lows and now I release it into the past.
  8. I acknowledge the time I have spent over the week. I honor that time.
  9. Friday is perfect for building and maintaining connections. I will reach out to my loved ones today.
  10. It’s a wonderful morning to take a risk and go for it!

Friday affirmations for work

  1. I am ambitious and I choose to go after what I want.
  2. I am focused.
  3. Today, I look at my goals. I am joyful for achieving the ones I did. I did it! For the ones that weren’t achieved, I will try today to get there. And I know I will be okay and I will be loved even if I do not succeed in this moment.
  4. I celebrate my accomplishments this week, big or small. I am proud of myself.
  5. If I have been challenged this week or distracted or demotivated, I know this will not always be so. I must step forward, forever progressing, forever growing.
  6. I am growing and progressing.
  7. Today, I decide I will not accept or absorb any toxicity or negativity directed towards me. They are not my burden to bear. I free myself from them.
  8. I release any negative thoughts, negative emotions and negative feelings I had during the week. It’s okay to have had them. Now, I must let them go.
  9. I know letting go is a difficult process so I am patient and kind to myself as I move slowly to release what I must.
  10. I choose calmness and to breathe deeply today… for my coworkers sake.
  11. I choose lightness and light-heartedness.
  12. I trust my capabilities and competencies.
  13. I will confront my obstacles head on and “eat the frog” early.
  14. I am productive and efficient.
  15. I am amazing at what I do.
  16. Today, I know my life has value and meaning. I know I am worthy of everything and I know I can do anything I choose.
  17. Friday is a great day for creativity and innovation.
  18. I will think outside of the box today.
  19. I define my own path and career, my own journey. It is up to me, and no one else, to decide what my story is.
  20. I release my work stress and will not take it home. I deserve to leave it at the office and enjoy my Friday night and weekend.

Friday positive affirmations

  1. I call my energy back to myself. It is time to focus on me.
  2. I release my mental load. I deserve time off.
  3. My happiness is an inside job that I am responsible for. I release others from that responsibility. I take back that power.
  4. I welcome the new possibilities on this Friday and for the new weekend.
  5. Today, I look forward to the future with joy and wonder.
  6. I am fun and joyful. Friday is a great day to express that.
  7. I deserve self-care and self-love and to accept my own glorious self-worth.
  8. Today, I sit in this present moment and feel all the tightness in my body. I release the tension in all my muscles. I drop my shoulders. And I allow myself to feel lighter and looser and freer than the moment before.
  9. Today, I commit to being mindful to noticing unnoticeable things, to feeling textures I take for granted, to hearing background bird songs and busy streets, to smelling the flowers and the coffee, and to savoring my food and drink.
  10. I vow to feel light, to be the light, and to share my light with others. I am strong, powerful, and an ever-expanding positive force.
  11. It is time to prioritize my rest and my peace. It is time to prioritize my health and my loved ones and it is time to prioritize me and all that I am.
  12. My work mode will deactivate at the end of business. Party mode is loaded and standing by.

Did you like these Friday affirmations? Have any of your own that you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments and let me know.

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