35 Weekend Affirmations to Honor Your Time

It’s hard to turn off work mode and get into the weekend. Try repeating these weekend affirmations to enjoy your time away and honor yourself and your loved ones.

Besides these affirmations, it is always a good idea to get out in nature, go exploring, get some sun, be creative and catch up with friends. It’s important to feed those parts of our lives for greater balance.

35 weekend affirmations to turn off work mode and get into the weekend

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Weekend affirmations for relaxation

  1. I deserve time and space to sit still. My body needs rest and I will honor that.
  2. I will be kind and gentle to my mind and body.
  3. I choose to breathe deeply today, to be mindful today, and use my grounding techniques.
  4. I will prioritize my peace of mind, my alone time, and my serenity.
  5. Self care is important and necessary. I deserve to pamper myself.
  6. I can stay in bed all day. It’s okay to have a quiet day, a lazy day.
  7. I choose to honor my boundaries to protect my mental health.
  8. I will tune into my body and listen to what it is telling me and when it has had enough.
  9. I deserve a nap.
  10. I choose to let go of all the things that do not serve me.

Positive weekend affirmations

  1. I will look for joy in the smallest of things.
  2. I choose to share my positivity and light with those around me. The world needs more kindness.
  3. My life is a beautiful journey that I can create and change if I choose.
  4. I am grateful for this time, this freedom.
  5. I deserve to stop and smell the roses.
  6. I choose to smile and laugh at the tiniest things this weekend. Laughter fuels my spirit.
  7. I am happy.
  8. Regardless of everything, I know I will be okay.
  9. I am safe.
  10. I will direct my positive energy into myself and into unconditional love.

Affirmation for the weekend adventures and experiences

  1. I choose to listen to my inner child and follow her whimsical lead.
  2. I am willing to step out of my comfort zone and expand it with new experiences.
  3. I am ready to be brave and wild and free.
  4. I will get some sun today.
  5. Nature is calling and I am ready to answer. I choose adventure.
  6. I am open to exploring my passions.
  7. I deserve to have fun.
  8. I commit to new hobbies that will spark my creativity.
  9. I will embrace this weekend as an opportunity for fun, friendship, love and laughter.
  10. I choose to be sociable today.
  11. I am going to be excited and excitable today. I will look for joy in everything.
  12. I will find time to bond with those closest to me. They deserve my love and undivided attention.
  13. It is okay to take a social media break to reset. It is not going anywhere, but I am, into a calm, peaceful state.
  14. I choose to manifest my ideal life. I will put in the work to make it a reality.
  15. I deserve abundance.

These are some of my weekend affirmations. Did you like them? What are some of yours? I would love to hear (see) them in the comments below.

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