45 Gratitude Affirmations to Encourage Joyfulness and Positivity

Practicing gratitude is linked to better sleep, happiness, wellbeing, and even immunity. So, use these gratitude affirmations to create a gentle daily routine that encourages you to sit in gratitude, peace and happiness.

If you love affirmations, I have a bunch of them including short positive affirmations and daily affirmations for 366 days of the year.

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Gratitude affirmations

1. I choose to feel grateful today for seeing the sky, hearing the birds, smelling coffee, tasting chocolate, and feeling soft clothes on my body.

2. I appreciate the incredible beauty around me from the vibrant colors to the kind smiles of strangers.

3. Happiness is a spiritual experience that resides in a space where there is gratitude, love, and compassion.

4. I am grateful for the abundance in my life and all the love in it.

5. I am happy for the wellness I feel in my mind, body and soul.

6. I feel blessed to have a strong support system, there for me through the joyous and tough times.

7. Looking back, it was the tough moments that made me resilient, independent and confident. I know I can do hard things and I’m grateful for that.

8. I look at all the opportunities coming my way with openness and gratitude.

9. It is the little things, the smallest deeds that make me smile and full up with gratitude.

10. I enjoy the feeling in my body when I am filled with gratitude and self acceptance.

I am grateful affirmations

11. I am grateful for the gift of life each and every day.

12. I am blessed for such wonderful family and friends and for encountering kind strangers who are always willing to help.

13. I am grateful for the capacity to learn, grow and evolve into a better version of myself.

14. I am grateful for having my own space in this world to exist and completely be myself in.

15. I am grateful for the delicious food, fruits and veggies that nourish, heal and protect my body.

16. I am grateful for the loving relationships in my life that nurture me, nourish my mind and teach me life lessons.

17. I am grateful to all of my wonderful, kind teachers who believed in me, guided me, and never judged me.

18. I am grateful for the opportunity to let my inner child out to play, to imagine and to be creative.

19. I am grateful for my freedom to think and express myself without oppression and persecution.

20. I am grateful I am safe in this moment.

Positive affirmations for gratitude

21. I have gratitude to all the good things in my life.

22. I am beyond grateful for all the beauty I experience while in nature. I am privileged to observe the waves, the leaves rustling, the birds chirping, and the wind blowing.

23. It’s amazing to enjoy a joke, marvel at sharp wit, and laugh with pure joy.

24. I embrace life with love and lightness. I am grateful for these feelings.

25. I observe the warmth in my body when I am filled with happiness and gratitude. I will work on increasing these moments of warmth.

26. My life is rich with wonder, newness and adventure and I can create new experiences and memories.

27. Feeling gratitude is a love letter to my soul.

28. I appreciate the genuine kindness, generosity and compassion in my life from my loved ones.

29. I deserve to enjoy all the things that make me happy in life without shame.

30. I am grateful for my strengths and my quirks and I’m honored to be able to share them with the world.

Gratitude affirmations to God and the universe

31. I am grateful to God for gifting me this life and all the beautiful things in it.

32. I am humbled by the abundance that the universe has provided me with.

33. The Supreme Being surrounds me with incredible beauty and protection. I am filled with gratitude.

34. I appreciate my intuition and inner wisdom. I know they are guided by the higher power.

35. I am thankful that the Lord lifts me up every day and gives me strength, especially during tough times. I can accomplish anything with his help.

36. I am eternally blessed by the universe. Everything I receive is a blessing.

37. I see miracles everyday and I am honored by the ones bestowed upon me.

38. I am grateful to God for his guidance, wisdom and love. I know he guides me to make the right decisions in each moment.

39. I walk with the light of God and angels by my side. They are my greatest friends and protectors.

40. The universe wants me to enjoy my life and have wonderful things. She is doing everything in her power to ensure that and I am grateful and open to receiving her gifts.

Gratitude affirmations for manifesting

41. I am open and grateful to the universe for manifesting my desires.

42. I gratefully receive the success that I wish for. I will do everything I can to ensure my success and will leave luck to the universe.

43. I meditate on the abundance and energy that is flowing all around me. I know, with gratitude, I can reach out and access that positive energy.

44. I am grateful for all of my travel opportunities.

45. I manifest hope, kindness, love and gratitude for my life and for the lives of everyone around me.

Those are my gratitude affirmations. If you like affirmations, then stop by this list:

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