40 Thursday Affirmations for a Happy Thursday

Looking for a little positivity this Thursday? Then, check out these fun Thursday affirmations for a little extra motivation and a sprinkling of humor.

Hopefully they are uplifting, inspiring and funny to welcome the almost weekend. Or maybe they give you the boost you need to meet those weekly targets. Whichever is the case, here’s to a happy Thursday.

40 thursday affirmations

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Happy Thursday affirmations

  1. I am happy to welcome this new Thursday.
  2. I am grateful for the day and look forward to the new opportunities it brings.
  3. It is my hope that this Thursday will be wonderful and full of joy.
  4. I will fill the day with moments that make me smile.
  5. I won’t wait for the perfect moment. Instead, I will make this moment perfect.
  6. I am filled with warmth and light today.
  7. I smile at the beauty all around me – the sky, the trees, the buildings, everything.
  8. I am excited for all the surprises that come my way this Thursday.
  9. I am happy, hopeful and ready for the day.
  10. Whatever happens today, I know the universe is guiding me.

Thursday affirmations for motivation

  1. I can achieve my goals, even on a Thursday.
  2. I am dedicated to succeeding, no matter the day.
  3. I am making progress and it is deeply motivating.
  4. I choose to celebrate all of my achievements especially the smallest, simplest ones.
  5. I will ‘eat the frog’ today and tackle the hardest thing first.
  6. I have shown I can do hard things. I know I have that ability.
  7. The obstacles in my path are growth opportunities. I can learn a lot about my field and myself when dealing with them.
  8. Knowing who I am and what my values are can make me an even better team member and leader.
  9. I am strong, capable and adaptable.
  10. Today is a great day to start a movement.

Funny Thursday affirmations

  1. Better days are around the corner. It’s Friday, Friday is around the corner.
  2. Thursday is Friday Eve.
  3. Thankful Thursdays are great for thanking God it’s almost Friday.
  4. Thursdays are the days you realize the week is almost over and you have to get a week’s worth of work done in a day.
  5. Things to do on a Thursday: plan the weekend.
  6. Thursdays are made for going home, taking off your bra, ordering takeout and binge-watching good tv.
  7. You know that one friend that always shows up early? That’s Thursday if it was a person.
  8. Thursday is the day to break the promises made on Monday.
  9. Today is the day to start counting down to the weekend.
  10. Happy Thursday! It’s the day to start mentally checking out of work.

More Thursday affirmations

  1. This Thursday, I make peace my priority.
  2. Hope, peace and optimism is what I want for the day.
  3. I trust everything will work out for me.
  4. I have access to love and support and I can give myself my own love and support.
  5. I deserve compassion and kindness.
  6. I am worthy just the way I am today.
  7. I deserve a nap on this Thursday.
  8. Thankful Thursday is a great day to thank my mind and body for getting me through the week.
  9. I appreciate all that I have.
  10. At the end of today, I know I am safe.

Those are my Thursday affirmations. Do you have any you would like to share? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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