35 I Am Affirmations List for Inspiration

These I am affirmations are a beautiful way of expanding your belief that you are capable of handling uncomfortable situations and threats.

Affirmations are proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. And they help with improving sticking to goals, and reducing negative habits.

Never underestimate the power of believing in yourself.

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I am affirmations for gratitude

1. I am grateful for opening my eyes today, for seeing a new day and for having a chance to experience it. Whatever I do or don’t do today, I will be grateful and kind to myself and my body.

2. I am grateful for the supportive, important people in my life. I wish them all the joy, happiness and love.

3. I am grateful for the people and systems around me that I can turn to for help. I know I can ask for help when I need it and I know it is brave and healthy to do so.

I know I can ask for help

4. I am grateful for noticing the good things around me – the sights, the sounds, the smells, the feelings. I will take the time to notice them more often and be joyful when I do.

5. I am grateful for being grateful. Gratitude is a healthy, proven coping mechanism that promotes mental and physical wellbeing. And I want that for myself.

6. I am grateful for the time to sit with my thoughts and feelings and to write about the things I am grateful for at least once per week. I can list anything from people, experiences, opportunities and more.

7. I am grateful for the small steps forward that have gotten me to this point of growth in my life.

i am grateful for small steps

I am affirmations for happiness

1. I am happy with myself, my body, my mind, my capabilities and my capacity to handle everything life has in store. I can do this. I can face all my fears. I can enjoy all my successes.

2. I am happy to sit and just be. I will smile for smiling sake, knowing that it is proven to lower stress and heart rate.

3. I am happy to see the beauty within me and all around me.

i am happy to see the beauty within me and all around me

4. I am happy to generate love and joy inside of my being. I will allow this love and joy to fill my body and mind. I will aim to feel warm and loved with this self-generated happiness.

5. I am happy to spread my love and joy with those around me. Doing kind things, expressing my appreciation and gratitude, sharing life’s pleasures and volunteering are all beautiful ways to spread this joy.

6. I am happy for having the choice and the chance to grow, to develop, to make amends, and to accept.

7. I am going to choose happiness today.

I am focused affirmations

1. I am focused on taking one small step forward today. If I see the opportunity to take a second small step forward, I will choose to take it and keep going. If I did not succeed today, I know it is okay. Delays in progress is natural and I will be patient with myself during them.

2. I am focused on my progress. Everything takes time and so will I.

3. I am focused on making a plan for tackling difficult tasks. I will not hide from them or procrastinate but face them head-on. I’ll break them down into manageable subtasks and work to achieve them one at a time. And I’ll celebrate when I do.

4. I am focused on keeping my word and the promises I make to myself.

i am focused affirmation

5. I am focused on finding strategies that work for me to achieve my dreams. I will be open minded to new ideas and strategies and I will aim to enjoy the process of finding ones that work for me.

6. I am focused on looking for early signs that a system or strategy is not helping to meet my needs. I will be honest and not force anything on myself that does not align with my strengths and ethics.

7. I am focused and committed to my own growth and journey. I will be proud of the journey of others, root for them and be inspired by them. And I will remind myself that I am walking my own path, creating my own footsteps.

I am affirmations for success

1. I am able to decide and define what success looks like for me. My life, my definition.

I am affirmations for success

2. I am competent and I have the capacity to overcome any obstacles in the way of my success. I know I can learn new skills if need be or outsource. Outsourcing isn’t a last resort, but a normal part of the process for success.

3. I am knowledgeable and capable of sharing that knowledge to help others. I do not need to be an expert to be helpful. And I am not an imposter.

4. I am aware of my strengths and will harness them to achieve my goals.

5. I am open minded to new opportunities and possibilities for growth and success. Asking a question, sending an email or making a phone call is not too hard to open a whole new avenue for success.

6. I am worthy of being successful and happy. I will embrace my success, sit in the joy of my achievements and be grateful to my mind, body, and support systems for helping me to reach my milestones, big or small.

7. I am a success even if I did not reach my goal. I am strong and brave for trying and the best lessons are learned from falling short.

8. I am willing to work hard to achieve my dreams. And, I am worth it.

I am affirmations for confidence

1. I am beautiful, attractive and worthy of being loved. I love my body, I love my mind, I love my smile and the joy it brings to this world.

2. I am grateful for change. Everything in life is changeable and recurring change is and always will be constant. I will embrace these changes with love, acceptance, gratitude and patience.

3. I am ready to remove and replace anything that does not add to my confidence, my joy, or life including toxic people, social media, and unhealthy habits.

4. I am worthy of putting my mental and physical health first. When my mind is calm, relaxed and confident, my body is healthier. Self-care is key.

5. I am valid in who I am in this moment, in this life, in this body. I am valid.

6. I am deserving of kind, positive self-talk. I must value myself, appreciate my contributions, validate my own opinions and forgive the past.

That’s my I am affirmations list. I hope it has been helpful.

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