New Week Affirmations: Ease Into A Wonderful Week

It’s a new week and a new opportunity to live life to the fullest.

Here are a few new week affirmations to help.

New Week Affirmations

1. This week, I embrace a fresh start with warmth, lightness and gratitude.

2. I honor myself by making a plan of what I want to accomplish for the week. I’ll go slowly and treat myself with love, compassion, and understanding.

new week affirmations plan the week

3. I will look back at the past week with an open mind and open heart. I will learn the lessons of the past to help me with the upcoming week.

4. This week, I will look into the obstacles stopping me from achieving my goals and figure out the strategies I need to implement to overcome them. I will experiment with these strategies to find the right ones that work for me.

5. I will face my fears with strength, resilience, tenacity and optimism.

6. This week, I will explore gratitude as a means to be happier, kinder and gentler with myself. I will try to list three things I am grateful for during the week and sit in the warmth of that gratitude.

7. This week, I will remind myself that perfectionism is not an attainable goal. Instead, I will choose to go after realistic goals.

new week affirmations perfectionism is not an attainable goal

8. I will jump at positive opportunities this week with confidence and excitement. I will strengthen my confidence by reminding myself of my best qualities, accomplishments and growth.

9. This week, I will stop to smell the roses more often. I will prioritize time for myself and self care.

10. This week, I will aim to be motivated and productive. If this is harder than expected, I will be kind and caring to myself and take it one small step at a time.

11. I choose to forgive myself if something doesn’t go according to plan.

12. I commit to experiment with new hobbies that will spark my joy and creativity. I’ll embrace these hobbies as an opportunity for fun, laughter and bonding.

13. I will lean into my emotions during the week. I’ll sit in the joyful moments and I will be kind to myself during the negative times. I will take my time in those moments.

14. This week, I will celebrate all the small wins and all the small goals achieved. I will celebrate with love, joy and appreciation for myself, my strengths, and my tenacity.

new week affirmations celebrate all the small wins

15. I will aim to live my life in the most authentic, thoughtful way I possibly can in this moment. I’ll strive to be non-harming to others and non-sabotaging to myself.

16. This week, I will look for the beauty in all things around me.

17. This week, I will reject my fear of failure paralysis and fear of rejection. I will embrace every chance for success and learn from every shortfall. I know they will strengthen me.

18. This week, I must sit in my power, feel my power, and use my power for good.

19. This week, I will focus my energy on light, positivity, joy, freedom, and peace.

new week affirmations focus your energy

20. I will be mindful this week by noticing hidden things, feeling textures, hearing background sounds, smelling wonderful scents, and tasting delicious food. I’ll find joy in these moments.

21. This week, I will walk firmly in my own path, writing my own story.

22. I will not apologize for my ambition. I will chase my dreams and work hard to achieve my goals. It is my week to grow.

Do you have more new week affirmations you would like to share?

Drop them in the comments below, I’ll love to hear them.

I hope these helped and if you are looking for more affirmations, check out these other articles below.

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