77 Solo Date Ideas To Enjoy Your Alone Time and Empower Yourself

Solo dates are fun activities that you can do on your own to get out of your comfort zone, build your independence, heal your inner child and be adventurous. Here are some solo date ideas to plan for the next time.

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Solo date ideas

Before getting started, here are a couple questions to ask yourself:

  • What have you always wanted to do as a kid?
  • What are activities you enjoy?
  • What do you want to try but are too scared to?
  • If time and money weren’t an issue, what fun adventure would you want to do?

Use these answers to help decide your next date. In the meantime, here are some of my solo date ideas that you can try:

1. Enjoy a solo trip to your favorite spot for a weekend getaway by the beach, lakeside or in the mountains.

2. Go on a retreat. Meditation, yoga, and wellness retreats can be incredibly relaxing.

3. Browse a bookstore. Check out the new arrivals, treat yourself to a best seller or buy a new journal.

4. Visit the library. A building full of books, comfy seats and free WiFi can help create a wonderful afternoon solo date.

5. Go to brunch. Wear a cute dress and enjoy tasty pastries, exotic teas and fancy finger food.

6. Tour a nearby museum to learn about its history.

7. Browse thought-provoking works of art at the nearby art gallery or exhibit.

8. Explore nearby cities and historical landmarks as if you were a tourist. See the sights with fresh eyes from a different perspective.

9. Wild out at the stationery store. Pick up cute pens, pencils, notepads, journals, and adorable desk accessories that will inspire you.

10. Stop by the mall. Who doesn’t love a little retail therapy? You deserve to spoil yourself.

Date yourself ideas

11. Have a meal at your favorite restaurant whether it’s a fancy Italian restaurant, steakhouse or sushi.

12. Enjoy a trip to the bar with great drinks, simple snacks, and fun bartenders who put on a show.

13. Take in a comedy show. Laugh wholeheartedly at your local comedy club or amateur night.

14. Try the theatre to soak up a wonderful performance.

15. Rock out at a concert with your favorite music.

16. Feel pampered with a mani pedi.

17. Book a facial or other spa treatments. Enjoy masks, scrubs and more.

18. Get a massage. They help with relaxation, lymphatic drainage, and blood circulation.

19. Join a sip and paint event. Chit chat while painting a scene and sipping wine.

20. Go wine tasting. Have a wonderful evening learning about unique flavors and scents of wine. Or try whiskey tasting.

21. Sign up for a cooking class. Learn new cooking techniques, delicious recipes, and take home what you made.

22. Try a pottery or art class. Actually, any class that interests you will be a great solo date for your creativity to come out and play.

Solo date ideas at home

If it’s a rainy day or you just want to stay indoors, here are some solo date ideas to do in the comforts of your own home.

23. Try gratitude journaling. This 2010 study showed practicing gratitude can improve happiness, wellbeing, sleep and even immunity.

24. Be mindful and meditate. It can help reduce anxiety and make you happier (according to this 2021 study).

25. Try a new recipe. Explore unique cuisines and cook yourself up a hearty delicious meal.

26. Bake yourself a cake, cookies, or muffins. You can do a simple mug cake or explore cake decorating techniques.

27. Have a mini dance party with music. This 2024 Australian study found dancing is among the best forms of exercise for treating depression.

28. Enjoy an everything shower. Dry brush, wash your hair, enjoy a body scrub, shave, moisturize, and do everything you do to feel clean and groomed.

29. If you have a tub, enjoy a soak with your favorite bath bombs and calming scents like lavender.

30. Have your own spa experience using sheet masks, clays, gua sha, and more. Try new beauty regimes to get gorgeous clear, glass skin. Give yourself a manicure and pedicure too.

31. Clean your space. This may not sound like a great solo date idea but decluttering your desk, cleaning your bedroom or emptying your car can help you feel more organized and even more relaxed.

32. Get artsy. Practice drawing cute characters, color in mandalas, paint simple scenes, and sketch perspectives. Allow your imagination to run wild and create some wonderful art.

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Cheap solo date ideas

Here are a couple solo date ideas on a budget.

33. Enjoy a new movie. Get your popcorn and immerse yourself in the latest blockbuster.

34. Grab a cup of coffee. Admire the busyness of the world and people watch while enjoying great coffee.

35. Brainstorm at your favorite café. Journal, plan your month, and make to do lists of your goals while enjoying a simple cup of tea or a croissant.

36. Visit the park. Sit in a quiet area and be mindful about the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings you experience. Listen to the birds, smell the flowers and become immersed in the present.

37. Enjoy a picnic under a shady tree, near to a beautiful flower garden or a vibrant pond. Pack a small bag with your favorite snacks, treats, and drinks to enjoy.

38. Go for a walk around the neighborhood. Stroll along streets with great architecture and gorgeous front yards.

39. Get lost reading an enthralling book at the library, coffee shop, or in the park.

40. Watch the waves or find a waterscape to enjoy. Studies show we feel calmer when we are around water.

41. Sketch a scene. Observing the intricacies of your environment and practicing sketching can be a wonderful way to be mindful and creative.

42. Set up your own mini garden. Gardening can be quite relaxing. Creating a small herb garden with rosemary, basil and sweet peppers can be simple and fairly cheap to set up. And you’ll have delicious organic herbs to cook with!

Fun solo date night ideas

43. Get cocktails at a fancy bar or hotel restaurant. Or get dinner (I mentioned this before in the “Date yourself” section).

44. Sign up for a dance class. Salsa, ballroom, or contemporary, dance class can be a great place to have fun and meet new people. Remember dance is also great to keep depression away.

45. Check out a new club. Have fun dancing and enjoying great, booming music.

46. Go out for ice cream or frozen yogurt. Savor the sugar treat while people watching and enjoy the night.

47. Hang out at an open mic night. Have a laugh with amateur comedians or vibe with a live band.

48. Get on stage at a karaoke bar and sing your heart out.

49. Enjoy a soothing bubble bath with scented candles and some soft music.

50. If you love space, visit a space center or join a star gazing event with a local astronomy club.

51. Try skating whether it’s on roller skates or ice skates.

52. Take a night tour in your area. It could be a nature walk, bus tour, pub crawl, or any fun tour that would be great for a solo date night.

Unique solo date ideas

53. Go antique shopping.

54. Thrift at second hand stores and flea markets.

55. Have your future read by a fortune teller, tarot card reader or psychic medium for fun.

56. Practice your photography with new sceneries, new unsuspecting subjects, different buildings, nature and with different lighting.

57. Explore a new farmer’s market. Find deals on fresh produce, homemade jams, jellies, pastries, and more.

58. Stop by a food festival and enjoy the samples of unique foods.

59. Go bird watching. Take your binoculars with you and go exploring looking for birds. I use the Merlin bird id app to identify them by their bird sounds. Did you know bird songs can reduce depression and anxiety?

60. Have fun at a music festival. Music has been found to improve mood, reduce anxiety and depression.

61. Sign up for yoga or tai chi class, especially in the park. Calming exercises like these are great for boosting endorphins, serotonin and dopamine.

62. Take an improv class. This is certainly a unique solo date idea to get out of your comfort zone.

Solo date ideas for guys

63. Grab some brews at your favorite sports bar.

64. Treat yourself to a cheat meal like a burger or pizza.

65. Check out a local brewery. Book a tour and enjoy the samples.

66. Workout at the gym. Exercise is great for boosting testosterone levels, mood and help you sleep better.

67. Go for a run.

68. Take in a game courtside or in the stands. Enjoy the electric atmosphere and cheer for your favorite sports teams like those for football, basketball, cricket and hockey.

69. Stop by your local courts, be it basketball or tennis. Batting nets and cages are also great to get a workout in and even network.

70. Enjoy an exciting race for motorsports, track and field, cycling, horseracing or even speed eating.

71. Attend a car show. Appreciate the engines, aesthetics, and work done on classic and super cars.

72. Go for a drive. Rent a car you always wanted to drive or go cycling.

73. Visit the golf course for a quiet solo date. TopGolf and mini golf venues are also great options.

74. Browse your local hardware for new tools, fixtures, garden supplies and more. You deserve a treat!

75. Practice at the shooting range.

76. Go fishing. Enjoy a slow, peaceful solo date with nature.

77. Taking a nap is great for helping the body rest and rejuvenate.

Those are my solo date ideas to enjoy time with your own company. What else do you do? If you enjoyed this list, then check out this self care menu for more ideas.

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