80 Wednesday Affirmations for Work and Positivity

Although it’s mid-week, Wednesdays are great days – like any other – to pause, assess your progress and start something new. It’s never too late or too early in the week to motivate and inspire yourself.

Affirmations can help with that. They can boost your confidence, shift your mindset to a positive one, reduce stress and help you grow. Use these Wednesday affirmations to start your day off right and keep you confident, joyful and motivated.

wednesday affirmations: wednesdays are great days to pause

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Wednesday morning affirmations

  1. I welcome this Wednesday with wonder and openness.
  2. I embrace this new day with gratitude.
  3. Today is full of endless possibilities.
  4. I greet this Wednesday with enthusiasm and excitement.
  5. I accept this new day as a gift.
  6. I release the pains of yesterday into the past and invite warmth and lightness into today.
  7. Wednesday is a great day to start something new.
  8. I am ready for today.
  9. I am excited to see what this Wednesday brings into my life.
  10. I will progress today.
  11. I am strong and brave.
  12. I am optimistic.
  13. Wednesday is the perfect day to shake off the past.
  14. I am focused on joy, positivity and peace.
  15. I am unapologetically authentic today.
  16. I am divine.
  17. Whatever I choose to do or not do today, I will be kind and grateful to myself.
  18. This Wednesday, I choose happiness.
  19. I am worthy, always have been, always will be.
  20. I will validate myself and my experiences today.

Wednesday affirmations for work

  1. I choose to embrace my ambition.
  2. I deserve to go after my dreams today.
  3. Wednesday is perfect for learning and growing in my career.
  4. I am grateful for the work I do.
  5. I am determined, driven and focused.
  6. I know I am a valuable contributor.
  7. I have purpose.
  8. I am respected.
  9. I have support all around me.
  10. This Wednesday is great for creativity and innovation.
  11. I welcome fresh ideas today.
  12. I am excellent and committed to excellence.
  13. I am proud of what I do.
  14. I will be efficient and organized today.
  15. Time management is something I can do.
  16. I am a solver and can get things done.
  17. I choose to face challenges head on.
  18. I trust my competency.
  19. I am fearless.
  20. I manifest financial abundance and security.

Wellness Wednesday affirmations

  1. I choose to feel joy today.
  2. Rest is productive. I will listen to my body when it needs it.
  3. There is beauty all around me. I will take time this Wednesday to actively look for it.
  4. I am surrounded by lightness and positivity on this Wednesday.
  5. I am a magnet for all things good today.
  6. I honor my mind and body and thank them for all they have ever done for me.
  7. I will allow my imagination to run wild and dream big today.
  8. I choose peace this Wednesday.
  9. I am blessed with this day for joy and love.
  10. I trust the universe.
  11. I deserve patience, warmth and kindness.
  12. I must allow myself to make mistakes and forgive them today.
  13. I deserve my own compassion this Wednesday.
  14. I am making my mental and physical health a priority.
  15. My wellbeing is of utmost importance.
  16. I choose to nourish my body with joyful activities and healthy food.
  17. I will take the time to relax my nervous system today.
  18. I choose to comfort my inner child.
  19. I deserve fun today.
  20. Wednesday is wonderful for prioritizing wellness, warmth, and wildness.

Wednesday positive affirmations

  1. I am exactly where I need to be today.
  2. I am free to share my talents today.
  3. I am tough and resilient.
  4. It’s not too early to make plans for the weekend.
  5. It’s never too late to learn something new.
  6. I can overcome any challenge that comes my way and, if I need help, I will ask for it.
  7. I trust myself and my intuition. It will guide me to make the best decisions for myself.
  8. Success is mine today and success is what I define it as – not someone else’s definition.
  9. Wednesday is a great day to enjoy a new hobby or passion.
  10. I release all the tension in my body and allow lightness to enter.
  11. I commit to being mindful today.
  12. I already am more than enough.
  13. I will speak positively to myself today.
  14. I control my life and my destiny.
  15. I deserve beautiful things and experiences.
  16. For this hump day, I acknowledge the goodness in my life.
  17. Today, I let go of what isn’t or hasn’t been working for me.
  18. Perfection is unattainable. Today, I will not stress about the unattainable.
  19. I choose serenity.
  20. Doing my best is enough.

Those are some mid-week Wednesday affirmations to get you through the week. I hope you enjoyed them. For more affirmations, check out these:

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