18 Fun End of Year Gifts for Students from Teachers

Saying goodbye to your students after spending a wonderful year with them can be so bittersweet. Show them how much you care with these adorable end of year gifts for students that they’ll appreciate.

Check out these teacher saying goodbye quotes to accompany the gifts. And send these heartwarming messages to their parents too.

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End of year students gifts

When sourcing presents for students, it’s important to think about the preferences of the students and their parents. Age group, appropriateness, allergies, likes and dislikes, cultural and religious beliefs are all factors to consider when finding the right gift.

Hopefully, these gift ideas can help you decide. I’ve organized them by age group to make them easier to sift through.

End of year gifts for students in preschool

1. Appreciation notes

A personalized note to the student admiring their strengths, praising their growth and wishing them the very best as they move up would be a thoughtful and sweet gift to end the year. You can design the cards on Canva, print them out and even add handwritten messages.

2. Bubbles

Bubbles are always a crowd favorite and are always met with squeals of delight and laughter. Send the preschoolers home with their own bubble bottles and wands to enjoy.

3. Play-Doh

This is certainly a classic that will guarantee hours of exciting play time while building creativity, imagination and motor skills. Add a note to remind the kiddies to close the lid properly so the Play-Doh doesn’t dry out. But, if it does, adding a couple drops of water would bring the consistency back.

4. Tic tac toe game

This adorable tic tac toe game is made with felt and comes in simple colors with 5 x’s and o’s and its own little envelope case.

5. Coloring pages

Simple coloring pages are cheap gifts for students at the end of the year. Design your own on Canva or download free printable coloring pages and hit print. You can also check out my affirmations coloring pages to see if they’re a right fit for you (it’s free!).

6. Plushies

These animal plushies are incredibly cute presents to give your students. It can be a fun classroom activity to have them select their favorite one or to blindly choose one from a box.

Meaningful end of year gifts for middle school students

7. DIY gifts

Appreciation notes and DIY coloring pages are also great end of year gifts for middle schoolers. You can create them yourself or use these funny, punny cards to motivate and encourage the kids on their studies ahead.

8. Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is a great gift for the summer! Your students can use their imagination and creativity to draw, color, and create games that can last for hours on end.

9. Friendship bracelets

Whether your class are Swifties or not, these adorable animal friendship bracelets would be meaningful gifts to close out the academic year. Of course, if you have the time and the skills, you can make your own bracelets for the students. This tutorial can help!

10. Scented bookmarks

Encourage reading over the break with these adorable bookmarks. Scented bookmarks add a little extra fun too! And you can also check out these scratch rainbow ones that the kids can scratch on and express their creativity.

11. Slime

While it isn’t as popular as it once was, slime can be a delightful sensory gift for the kids to take home. Be sure to check with the parents to ensure the ingredients of the slime have their approval before sourcing it. This one contains polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) which is considered non-toxic and safe to use.

12. Pencil toppers

You can get simple pen and pencil toppers for your students as a goodbye present. There are so many adorable options for erasers, clips, and charms. And they’re budget-friendly.

13. Notepads

Mini notepads and notebooks would certainly be practical and useful gifts for students. You can pick up simple notepads without any designs or find stationary with cute animal, ice cream, religious and other adorable designs.

End of year students gifts for high school

14. Bracelets

While you can make the friendship bracelets I mentioned earlier, you can also explore more durable options that are made with stainless steel. The bracelets can act as heartwarming gifts and you can add thoughtful notes wishing them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

15. Crochet toys

If you have the skills to crochet, there are lots of adorable toys you can make for your students. If not, you can find some funny toys on Amazon to make the teens laugh. This may be a pricier gift than the others on this list, but they’re certainly worth the smiles.

16. Flair pens

Students are always in need of fun pens and scented flair pens may be the perfect choice for an end of year treat. They can be used for journaling, studying and expressing creativity.

17. Keychains

Keychains can be small mementos to celebrate graduation for the students. If you have the funds, you can source personalized keychains with their names along with sweet messages and the year. Or, for more budget friendly options, you can take a look at these keychains for students on Amazon.

18. Dry erase boards

I’ve always found dry erase boards incredibly useful during my studies. And your high schoolers may feel the same way! The boards are great tools to help with studying, solving problems or brainstorming ideas for projects.

I hope these gift ideas for your students help you curate the perfect goodbye gifts for your class. The majority are affordable options that you can get in bulk but a simple, kind note is also more than enough.

For gift ideas for teachers, check out these great options for the end of the year and back to school.

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