15 End of Year Teachers Gifts That They’ll Cherish Forever

My parents are career teachers who each spent over 30 years educating students. So, you can imagine just how many appreciation cards and tiny gifts they’ve kept over the years. They love each one!

Here are some great ideas for end of year teachers gifts that I know they’ll cherish.

end of year teacher gifts: 15 ideas they'll love text on a collage of photos with craft supplies, thank you cards, sunflowers and a chocolate food basket
15 end of year teachers gifts ideas that they'll love text next to a collage of photos of thank you card, gift card, stationery, flowers, and a food gift basket

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End of year teachers gifts

1. Handwritten cards

There’s nothing more heartwarming for teachers than a wonderful card from their students and parents appreciating their efforts. Thank you cards are beautiful, deeply personal and make great end of year teachers gifts.

If you don’t know what to write, I have a bunch of thank you messages for teachers from parents that you can personalize. You can make the cards at home with your kids or get thank you cards from Amazon.

2. Gift cards

Teachers love shopping too! They will likely appreciate and use gift cards from Amazon, Target, and other big box stores. If you know their favorite stores like Starbucks, restaurants, and even places they enjoy visiting like museums and parks, you can find gift cards and vouchers to sponsor their next visit.

3. Stationery including personalized ones

Who absolutely loves stationery? Teachers! They always need notepads, notebooks, pens, pencils, markers, and more. So, these make great gifts even at the end of the year. They won’t need to organize anything for the upcoming academic semester!

You can pick up some cheap gifts at the Dollar Store or you can make the gifts more personal with customized stationery. There are lots of companies that provide these services including: Groovy Girl Gifts. Here is an idea from them.

4. Flowers

Flowers are classic gifts for any occasion and your child’s favorite teacher would love them with an adorable thank you note too! You can do simple and free with wild foraged flowers or try cost-effective arrangements with sunflowers, tulips or daisies.

If the teacher you are gifting has a flower garden, you can treat them with live flowers, seeds, flower pots, fertilizers, and garden gloves.

5. Homemade baked treats

If the teacher enjoys baked treats, then these would be a great end of year gift. Once you are familiar with their dietary restrictions, allergies, and flavor preferences, whip up a batch of delicious cookies, cupcakes, cakes, muffins, breads and pastries. Get the kids involved too!

You can organize everything with an adorable basket or tub, which you can find on Amazon.

6. Food stuff

Don’t stop at just baked goods! By knowing the teacher’s food preferences, you can make a wonderful basket of delicious chocolates, savory snacks, nuts and seeds, popcorn, fruits, veggies and even homemade jams and jellies.

If your teacher loves cooking, you can collect a bunch of wonderful family recipes for them to try and include some of the ingredients and spices they’ll need. Or get them a beautiful cookbook for their favorite cuisine.

7. Coffee

Is the teacher a coffee lover? You can find lots of exotic coffee options from all over the world to gift. Their favorite Keurig pods would be a nice choice or strong coffees like the ones from Death Wish Coffee Co. are great too.

8. Tea

For the ones who prefer tea, you can get their favorite teabags, loose leaves, and even tea infusers. Tea samplers with lavender, chamomile, chai and other types would also be lovely.

9. Alcohol

For this end of year teachers gift, you really have to know the teacher and their preferred tastes. Not everyone drinks alcohol and if the teachers or any of their family members struggle with alcohol addiction, this won’t be a good gift.

For the ones with no objections to alcohol, a bottle of their favorite wine like Prosecco or Rosé, whiskey, gin, beer or other spirits would be a nice present, especially for Christmas. Mocktails and cocktail mixers are also fun options.

10. Gag gifts

If your end of year teachers gifts are for the cool teachers, then they may have a great laugh at a teacher inspired fun, gag gift. There are tons of hilarious candles, notepads, tees, customized tumblers, and more.

11. Desk decor

Desk organizers, calendars, quotes, fake plants and other decor items would be perfect for the teacher’s desk. Or for him/her to take home at the end of the year. There are lots of inexpensive inspirational gifts on Amazon like this one:

12. Hobby gifts

What is Miss or Sir into? What would they enjoy if they’re into cooking, painting, sculpting, crocheting, reading, fishing, sports, music or travel? New utensils, paint brushes, clay, wool, books, hooks, lures, rackets, balls, guitar picks and travel bags can all be thoughtful end of year teachers gifts.

13. Spa sets

Relaxation and spa sets with bath bombs, candles, body oils, scrubs and soaps can be cute teacher appreciation gifts. But, each person has their own unique scent preferences and skin sensitivities so it’s better to ask the teacher before hopping on this trendy gift.

Be sure to stay away from ingredients that contain parabens and fragrances as these may cause health issues.

14. Donations in their honor

The best gifts I’ve ever received are students donating to my favorite charity in my honor. It really feels good knowing that my students care about the causes I am deeply passionate about.

So, you can mobilize kids, parents and friends to donate food, books, toys and clothing to nearby shelters and charities on behalf of the teacher. Or work with animal shelters, clean up campaigns, and scholarship funds to help the community out.

15. Tickets

It’s the end of the year so all teachers are able to get a much needed break. What shows are they looking forward to seeing? Who is their favorite band? Do they have a favorite sports team? A couple tickets to something they’ve been looking forward to would be great end of year appreciation presents!

What else would would make great end of year teachers gifts? Let me know in the comments!

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