30 Teacher Saying Goodbye to Students Messages

It is always emotional and bittersweet when students move on. If you are struggling to find the words, here are some teacher saying goodbye to students quotes to help you express how you truly feel.

These are great words of wisdom, encouragement and messages that encapsulate the pride, hope and nostalgia that we all feel when kids leave the classroom. Check out these messages for parents too.

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Teacher saying goodbye to students quotes

1. I have watched you grow, progress and mature over the years. I am so very proud of your journey and who you are as a person. Keep up the hard work and never stop growing and progressing. Goodbye and good luck to you!

2. You have worked hard in my class and accomplished so much. Never be afraid to work hard, to try something new and to explore all your interests and passions. You truly have the power to achieve anything you desire. Good luck and never give up!

3. Stay determined and true to yourself. Stand up for what you believe and never give up on your dreams. Come back and say hi some time.

4. As you move on to the next, it is my hope that you remember how capable you are and can achieve what you set your mind to. Disregard the naysayers and believe in yourself. You can do it all!

5. It is always tough to say goodbye. But goodbyes also mean new hellos. It is my hope that you remember this is not goodbye forever and, for all the new hellos, may they help you reach your potential with joy and positivity. Keep in touch!

6. Our time together was unforgettable. I will cherish the memories of being your teacher and all the lessons you also taught me. You are so special! Goodbye and may the universe have your back always.

7. Where you started to where you are now is amazing. I have seen you grow into a strong, capable, confident person that is absolutely destined for great things. Farewell and may you achieve your heart’s desires.

8. You have brought me so much joy and lots of laughter. It was such fun being your teacher. You were an amazing student that really made this job rewarding and worth it. Goodbye and thank you for being you!

9. As you get out there into the world, I know you are going to make a difference. It may feel hard sometimes but know I will always be your supporter.

10. Remember you don’t have to be one thing in this world. Explore your passions, do what you love, find a way to monetize it and live your life fully and authentically. It makes me happy to be a small part of your wonderful journey.

explore your passions and more teacher saying goodbye to students messages

Best wishes for students from teachers

11. It was an honor to be your teacher. Educating you was an absolute joy. I am so proud of what you achieved and I know whatever you get up to in life I will still be proud. Best wishes always!

12. My heart is filled with gratitude. It was indeed a pleasure being part of your educational journey and watching your growth. May you flourish in this life and never stop being sweet. Farewell with best wishes.

13. I didn’t think it would be this hard to say goodbye. You were an amazing student and will always have a special place in my heart. Best wishes for the future.

14. No matter where life takes you just know I will always be rooting for your success and your joy. Best wishes, love always.

15. I know you are ready for what life has in store. You are strong, resilient and resourceful and will be able to adapt wherever you go. It is my wish that you achieve all your heart’s desires.

16. We have had some ups and downs together but that’s what life is all about. May you ride the waves with focus and determination and succeed in everything that you do. I wish you all the happiness and positivity. Farewell!

17. Goodbye my darling student. You were a dream to teach. Keep that growth mindset you have and know you can do the hard things too. I wish your life is filled with warmth, kindness, happiness and success.

18. I am going to miss seeing you in my classroom every day. But I am so excited for all your new adventures. Keep following your heart and best wishes in all your endeavors.

19. Although we are saying goodbye, the memories we share will never fade. It is my wish that you carry all the lessons learned here into making the world a better place.

20. I wish you will stay curious, never stop learning, always believe in yourself and chase your dreams. You have all the power to shape your life and I know you will be amazing.

Short farewell messages for students

21. May your future be as bright and kind as you are.

22. I am so proud of you and will always be your cheerleader.

23. Always do your best and never take things too personally.

24. Keep positive and shining. You are destined for great things.

25. Follow your passions and never ever give up on your dreams.

26. Spread your wings. Stretch them wide and explore your full potential.

27. Study hard, build connections and approach everything with confidence.

28. May you exceed your highest expectations and definitions of success.

29. Fill your day with fun and joyful moments, even while studying hard.

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30. This isn’t goodbye but a thank you for being wonderful.

Those are my sayings for teachers to say goodbye to their students. What are your most memorable farewells from your teachers? Let me know below.

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