25 Thank You Messages for Parents from Teachers

As teachers, recognizing the role parents play in their children’s education is always important. To make life a little easier, here are thank you messages for parents from teachers that you can send today to show your gratitude.

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25 thank you messages for parents from teachers text overlay on a teacher in a class with young kids

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Thank you messages for parents from teachers

1. Your child is a beautiful soul and teaching him/her is always a pleasure. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of him/her academic journey. It is an honor.

2. It is a joy to have your child in my classroom. He/She is fun, kind, and helpful. This is a testament to your great parenting so thank you!

3. The progress I am seeing with your child is amazing. I know you are putting in the extra work with him/her and the results are showing. Thank you for being a dedicated parent.

4. I try my best to empower your child and grow his/her confidence. Thank you for continuing it at home. You can see the results! He/She really believes in him/herself now.

5. Your involvement with my class and with your child’s education is truly commendable. Thank you for making such a big impact and difference. I see you!

6. I truly appreciate the interest you have shown in your child’s learning journey. Your commitment is exemplary and I must thank you for all the time that you have put in.

7. You have partnered with me on so many activities for the kids and have gone above and beyond as a parent. Thank you for your involvement. It means so much!

8. I always love when you volunteer at school. You always bring the fun and warmth and the kids respond to your energy so much. Thank you.

9. I am filled with so much gratitude for you being part of my school family this year. You have done a lot for everyone, not just your own child. And, for that, all I can say is thank you!

10. Thank you for being my partner-in-education, for making sure homework was done, attending parent-teacher meetings and volunteering your time. It means the world.

Thank you notes to parents from teachers for support

11. Teaching is a wonderful profession but it can be tough. I must thank you for all your encouragement, time and support that you have given me throughout the year. It has been so helpful. Thank you!

12. I know you are busy and you still make the time to show up and support the school. Thank you for your dedication. It means more than you will ever know.

13. Your unwavering support for my classroom always warms my heart. Thank you for being involved and having my back.

14. Dear parents, thank you for being wonderful advocates for your child. That additional support in helping to build confidence and life skills will certainly have a powerful, permanent impact on his/her future.

15. I saw your child’s enthusiasm and passion grow in my class. Thank you for being so supportive and allowing that passion to continue to grow outside of the classroom and at home. You are remarkable parents!

16. I want to acknowledge you for being such an amazing support system for the school this year. You have had a positive impact on all of us and we are all indebted to you. Thank you!

17. Nothing is more motivating than having supportive parents encourage learning and exploring new passions outside of the classroom. Thank you!

18. We make a great team as parents and teachers working together to make the educational experiences of your kids uplifting and positive. Thank you for your commitment, support, and for being amazing team players.

19. We appreciate you sharing your expertise and experiences with the school without hesitation. The school has benefitted from your support and we cannot thank you enough.

20. Thank you for the support in helping the kids prep for tests, build artwork and research for projects. I know it is not easy and I do hope you made great memories.

Thank you note to parents from teacher for gifts

21. Thank you so much for the snacks and treats you sent in today. The kids loved them and now you are a rock star!

22. It is parents like you who donate so much to making the learning experiences of the children that much better. I appreciate all that you do and have given to my classroom. Thank you!

23. Thank you for your positive notes. They are always validating and encouraging.

24. I am always appreciative of your kindness and thoughtfulness. It means so much to me. Thank you!

25. Please accept my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your gift. I am deeply moved and humbled by this wonderful gesture. Thank you!

It is so important to show gratitude towards parents for their support and involvement in the classroom. I hope these heartfelt messages can help in saying a simple thank you!

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