First Day Gifts for Teachers: 12 Gift Ideas for Back to School Fun

Whether it’s heading back to school after a break or starting the new academic year, here are some first day gifts for teachers they’ll actually enjoy.

Be sure to check out these thank you messages for teachers to send with the gifts.

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First day gifts for teachers

If you know the teacher, you’d be familiar with their likes and dislikes and can decide which would be the best gift for them.

But, for teachers who you aren’t too familiar with, it would be a great idea to ask them what they’d enjoy. Or you can suggest two or three options and ask them to pick one before you start sourcing the gift.

It’s always wonderful to gift something that the receiver would truly enjoy and appreciate. Here are a couple ideas you can try:

1. Homegrown produce

If you have a little kitchen garden where you grow your own fruits, veggies and herbs, the produce can make great first day gifts for teachers that anyone would appreciate. These are budget-friendly and your kids can get in on the fun by picking and packing everything together.

Honey, cheese, jams, jellies, preserves, eggs, apples and small items from the farmers’ market are also thoughtful options.

2. Homemade treats

Whip up a batch of muffins, cookies, cupcakes, or pastries as gifts. Be sure to confirm if the teacher has any allergies or dietary restrictions before getting started; or include a list of all the ingredients you used. Add a teacher appreciation card in there too!

3. Shopping gift cards

Classrooms are often underfunded and teachers usually pay for school supplies out of pocket. Help out by sponsoring gift cards! Amazon, Visa, Target, Office Depot and Michaels are all worthy options for teachers to pick up stationary, office, art and craft and cleaning supplies.

4. Food coupons and gift cards

What’s the teacher’s favorite restaurant or coffee shop? Get gift cards that teachers would actually use after school for a quick treat or a delightful dinner with their family. Coupons to the local coffee shop, pizza joint or supermarket would also be great options.

5. Flair pens

Teachers are always in need of pens for correcting homework, explaining answers, and giving praise and encouragement. Scented flair pens with their felt tips are comfortable and enjoyable to use; so why not treat your kid’s teachers with these first day gifts.

6. Stickers

Kids love stickers. Looovvveeee! Teachers do too. They are great rewards for excellent school work. So, gift the class some funny, cute stickers that will make the kids smile when they get them. Your child will also benefit from them!

7. Post-it notes

It’s tough to keep everything organized in the classroom. Post it notes and tabs can bring a little order to the chaos. Teachers can use them to keep track of lessons, birthdays, special events, and even affirmations. These are simple, budget friendly first day gifts.

8. Notebooks and notepads

For longer notes or to plan lessons, notebooks and notepads would be ideal gifts for teachers. There are tons of options from the classic yellow notepads to unique and funny notebooks. Personalized notebooks are also thoughtful gestures.

Back to school gifts for teachers

9. Desk accessories

Calendars, desk organizers, fake plants, succulents, and cute quotes and sayings are great back to school gifts for teachers. They can decorate the space in a way that brings a smile to their face every day.

10. Stay well basket

Educators are always exposed to the common cold, flus, stomach bugs, and more. A basket of cleaning and preventative supplies would be a great idea for the first day of school. You can include hand sanitizer, antimicrobial spray, wet wipes, Vitamin C, saline, painkillers, and unscented soap.

11. Self care basket

It’s better to know about the preferences of the teacher before curating this basket. Hand cream, foot cream, body scrubs, scented sprays, lens wipes, and scented candles are all perfect for a self care basket for teachers. Find more self care basket ideas here.

12. Spa coupons

After a hectic week teaching and being in the classroom, a trip to the spa might be perfect for your kid’s teacher. Coupons for a manicure, pedicure or haircut would be thoughtful presents. Like the self care basket, you should ask the teacher first before getting these.

What else do you think would be great as back to school gifts for teachers? Drop a comment and share your thoughts! And, if you want to write a sweet thank you note to the teacher, check out these thank you for caring and kindness messages.

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