7 Zen Bathroom Decor Ideas to Inspire You

With all the anxiety in the world, it’s important to come home and completely decompress.

Having a calming bathroom is a great place to relax and unwind.

Hopefully, these zen bathroom decor ideas can help you create that calming space.

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What is Zen Bathroom Decor?

Let’s see.

Zen focuses on meditation, finding your inner peace, and seeing that peaceful balance in nature.

Zen is also a derivative of Buddhism and Japanese culture. So, you can expect natural elements plus combinations of traditional Buddhist and Japanese statues and art to be part of your zen bathroom décor.

Bringing natural elements into the bathroom can be done with scent, plants, stones, wood, water features, and earth tones.

You can also add in anything else that makes you feel calmer, relaxed and more mindful.

Clutter doesn’t exactly scream calming. So, aim for a minimalist look with more free spaces for your eyes to enjoy.

The ultimate goal in your zen bathroom is to find that inner peace.  

Zen Bathroom Decor Ideas

1. Set the mood with aromatherapy

While you’re not likely to spend 30 minutes in the bathroom meditating (unless you’re soaking in the tub), you can still add simple meditation aids in there to have five minutes of mindfulness.

Aromatherapy candles and incense always help me calm my mind and get into a more meditative mood. Sandalwood is one of my favorite scents for this. Lavender is another.

If you’re looking for sandalwood scented candles, pick up La Jolie Muse’s one. It’s beautiful and smells so, so good.

LA JOLIE MUSE Wood Wick 19.4oz Sandalwood Scented Candles Soy Wax Candle Large Glass Jar 90 Hours

If you already have an essential oil diffuser, skip the candle and get Doterra’s Indian sandalwood essential oil. It’s expensive but worth it for that authentic, exotic smell.

Doterra's Indian sandalwood essential oil

Or get Plant Therapy’s lavender oil. It’s much more budget friendly and there are actual studies that prove inhaling lavender can reduce your stress.

2. Add meditating statues

I always feel calmer and more introspective when viewing Buddha statues. It reminds me of all my adventures visiting Buddhist temples in Thailand.

Bring that feeling home with this Buddhist statue. It’s handmade from stone and resin and is fairly big – it’s over a foot tall.

13" Buddha statue

For smaller bathroom spaces, get this mini zen garden with a tiny resin Buddha statue, tea light, incense holder and wooden tray.

MyGift Zen Garden Buddha Statue with Glass Tealight Candle & Incense Burner Holder

Here’s another tiny figurine option.

They come as a set of four ceramic figures in different meditating poses. They are each about 4 inches tall and are perfectly elegant for any zen bathroom vanity.

OwMell Lot of 4 Meditation Yoga Pose Statue Figurine Ceramic Yoga Figure Set Decor

3. Use relaxing sounds

You can do this immediately. Pull out your phone and play relaxing music or nature sounds.

I connect my phone to this JBL waterproof speaker in my bathroom for better quality sound. It fills the room and transforms the space with relaxing sounds.

For a more unique, non-tech option, try Tibetan singing bowls. This one is tiny (it’s less than 4 inches) but provides great resonating sounds.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set - Meditation Sound Bowl Handcrafted in Nepal for Healing and Mindfulness

4. Water features are great

Small water fountains and other water features bring in that zen natural element. The splashing water sounds are soothing and make you feel like you’re sitting in nature.

This Buddha tabletop water fountain will definitely add to your bathroom atmosphere. It’s 11″ x 8″ and is entirely made of resin.

Fengshui Indoor Decoration – Zen Meditation Tabletop Decorative Waterfall

5. Bring in wooden elements

There are so many ways to bring in wooden elements into your zen bathroom. You can try wooden furniture, shelving, trays, accessories and even bath mats.

These pine wood shelves are perfect for adding your Buddha statutes and pops of greenery. They are also easy to mount with pre-drilled holes in the shelves.

Floating Shelves for Wall Mounted, Modern Rustic All Wood Wall Shelves, Set of 2 for Bedroom, Bathroom, Family Room, Kitchen with Decorative Iron Corners 24 x 6 x 1.5 in

Want a nice bench or shelf in there? Get this wooden shower bench. It is made with teak wood that is naturally waterproof and incredibly durable. Use it as a seat in the shower or next to your vanity. Or add some plants and towels on there.

EcoDecors Satori Shower Bench, Natural, 24Lx12Wx18.5T

6. Plants are a must

Amazon has an extensive range of live indoor plants. Succulents, cacti, lucky bamboo, snake plants, palms, and air plants all do really well in indoor spaces.

Bonsai trees are also part of Japanese art and will add to your zen bathroom decor. You can also meditate and be mindful when taking care of the plant. There are bonsai starter kits on Amazon so you can grow your very own tree from seed.

Or get this unique live ficus. It’s about four years old and 6 inches tall. It comes with all the bonsai tips you need plus fertilizer.

EcoDecors Satori Shower Bench, Natural, 24Lx12Wx18.5T

7. Add zen bathroom wall décor

Don’t leave your walls bare. Simple inspirational words can be enough for your zen bathroom wall décor. You can also add in Buddhist and Japanese wall art. Mandalas are another great idea.

Of course, you can DIY your own wall art.

The sky’s the limit.

But if you need inspiration, here are a few zen bathroom wall décor ideas for you.

Be sure to check out Takfot wall art. This canvas printed art comes in 3 panels – each are 16 inches long by 12 inches wide.

The gray panels are a lotus flower and an interesting spiral and the yellow has a Buddha head print. You can arrange them horizontally together or hang them at different levels.  

Takfot Rustic Wall Art

For more color, get this one from Artisweet. It is made with a waterproof canvas material – perfect for the bathroom.

Buddha Statue Wall Art

Sumgar also has great zen art. This stones and leaf art represents nature’s balance in zen philosophy.

It comes as four grey canvas art pieces and are 12-inch squares. Group them together like this or place them in a line. Or split them up to spread out your bathroom wall art.

Sumgar Grey Stones and Green Leaf Art

By the way, check out this black and white artwork too – it’s just as stunning.


Pixel Splash’s soul dancer paint by numbers isn’t exactly zen decor – although the color scheme has wonderful earthy tones.

Pixel Splash's soul dancer paint by numbers

Adult coloring is proven to be relaxing. So, painting should be too, right?

Enjoy the experience of painting by numbers, have lots of fun and paint mindfully.

This set comes with a 12″ x 16″ pre-printed canvas on a wooden frame, easel and paint. Each color is labelled so there is no guess work to follow the numbers and paint.

When you’re done, hang in your bathroom. If the soul dancer doesn’t match your aesthetic, there are lots of paint-by-number options for adults on Amazon.

If you’re artsy, get this acrylic paint set so you can DIY your own zen bathroom wall decor.

Add your favorite quotes that will help you keep calm. Check out all my happiness quotes and self-care quotes for inspiration. Or paint your own relaxing scenery.

SUMGAR Framed Wall Art Bathroom Canvas Paintings Living Room Yellow Flowers Frangipani Zen Stones

This set comes with 3 canvases (8″ x 10″), 6 paint brushes and 12 acrylic paint tubes. And you can get more canvases on Amazon too.

I hope these zen bathroom decor ideas inspire you to create a peaceful bathroom space. Unwind, relax, and stay zen – you deserve it.

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