Soursop juice is a favorite in my home. Soursop ice cream too! The flavor is so unique. It’s like pineapple and berries but with a citrusy aftertaste. It’s very strong but quite enjoyable in small, sweet servings.

Soursop is native to the Caribbean and the Americas. Depending on where you are, soursop may be called graviola, guanábana, guyabano, thorny mango or thorny custard apple.

Thorny custard apple is actually a great description for soursop.

When the fruit is large, has short thorns, yellow green skin and is soft to the touch, it is mature and ready for juicing. Here’s the one I got from the farmers’ market. It was four pounds and I paid about $7.

Soursop fruit

How to Make Soursop Juice

1. Peel

Don’t let the thorns fool you. They aren’t sharp and the skin is really easy to peel.

Just pierce and pull off.

Peeled soursop fruit

The center of the soursop has a stiffer, spongey texture. Usually, this center is cut out and discarded.

Remove all the pulp and add to a large bowl.

Soursop pulp

2. Remove Seeds

Now you have to get your hands in there and squeeze the pulp. The aim is to get the juice and seeds out.

This is very important. You must remove all the seeds!

The seeds contain a compound called annonacin; which is believed to be a neurotoxin. In high quantities, this toxin may damage the nervous system. Although having one small seed will not have any effect, it is better to be safe.


3. Blend

With all the seeds out, add the pulp to your blender in portions and blend for several minutes. If the pulp is too thick add a little water (1/4 cup of water) at a time and blend. Repeat this for the remaining pulp.

That’s all you need to do to make unsweetened soursop juice.

The juice is thick and creamy, with a texture similar to pulverized bananas.


4. Sweeten and Add Flavors

The juice is a little tangy so you can sweeten it with sugar or sweetened condensed milk. The amount depends on your taste. I usually add a half tin of condensed milk.

For more flavor, you can add a teaspoon of nutmeg or cinnamon or ginger or any combination of those. You can also add a couple teaspoons of vanilla too. I love the vanilla-soursop combo. It’s delicious and tasty.

Like I mentioned in my post on Caribbean green seasoning, there is no fixed way to make these traditional exotic recipes. It’s all based on your likes, dislikes and tastebuds!


For the drink here, I added sugar. That’s it!

How to make soursop juice

A note on Soursop Juice

There are laboratory studies that found soursop extracts can kill some types of cancer cells. But there are no large clinical trials that explore the anticancer benefits of soursop. So no one knows yet if soursop can help with cancer.

I found only one clinical study from 2017. But it was incredibly small (14 volunteers) and used soursop leaf extract (tea). It did find some cancer fighting benefits of the leaf extract but the authors noted further research was required.


General Questions on Soursop

What does soursop juice taste like?

Soursop juice tastes like pineapple and berries mixed together with a little citrus. It’s really unique and has this amazing creamy texture.

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