175 Self Care Basket Ideas to Treat Someone Special

These self care basket ideas can help you curate the perfect care package to make your loved one feel so special, cared for and supported.

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Questions about self care baskets

Before getting into the self care basket ideas, there are a couple questions to ask yourself:

Who is the package for? – care baskets aren’t a one-sized fits all type of gift. Gender, age, and knowing what they’re dealing with right now can help influence what goes into their basket.

What do they love? – knowing the person’s interest, hobbies, needs, and wants can also help you find the perfect items to add to the gift.

Would they enjoy DIY gifts? – putting extra thought and effort into creating something simple can make someone feel incredibly special. So, ask yourself, would they love coupons for hugs, heartfelt cards, or fun cupcakes you made from scratch with love?

What are they to you? – is the receiver family, a friend or a coworker? This can dictate how over-the-top or how ‘funny’ some of the gifts can be. We wouldn’t want to have inappropriate presents at work.

Self care basket ideas for women

Here are some self care basket ideas for the wonderful women in your life:

Skin care

What are their favorite skin care brands? Do they have allergies or safety concerns with certain ingredients? With these answers, you can add any of these to their basket:

  1. lotion
  2. body oils
  3. face oils
  4. moisturizers
  5. sunscreen
  6. cleansers and toners
  7. exfoliants and scrubs
  8. serums
  9. sprays and mists
  10. sheet masks
  11. pore strips
  12. waxes
  13. lip balms
  14. makeup
  15. bath salts and bath bombs

Beauty tools

To compliment the skin care products, beauty tools and accessories can make wonderful gifts. Consider these:

  1. facial rollers and gua sha
  2. microneedling tools like derma rollers
  3. brushes for dry brushing and makeup
  4. beauty blenders and sponges
  5. tweezers and nail cutters
  6. eye lash curlers
  7. shavers, epilators and creams
  8. loofahs
  9. light therapy masks
  10. sleep masks

There are so many more beauty tools and accessories that I can add here but I’ll stop for now.

Hair care

Much like skin care, it’s important to know the favorite brands and allergy concerns when it comes to some hair care products. But, for the most part, these can be added to any self care basket:

  1. shampoos and conditioners
  2. hair masks
  3. hair oils
  4. rosemary oil and hair growth sprays
  5. brushes and combs
  6. scalp massagers
  7. headbands and bonnets
  8. scrunchies, hair ties and clips
  9. blow dryer and styler
  10. hair trimmers and scissors


There are so many clinical studies showing the benefits of aromatherapy. This 2015 Turkish study found lavender improved sleep quality and reduced anxiety. This 2020 one showed lavender and chamomile along with listening to music helped lower anxiety.

This 2013 Chinese study found small, volatile odor molecules, when inhaled, can cross the blood-brain barrier, directly affecting the central nervous system which can cause the brain to release serotonin and dopamine.

So, beautiful scented items are great additions for any self care basket. Once you know your loved one’s favorite odor, here are a couple ideas to include:

  1. scented candles
  2. essential oils like lavender
  3. diffusers
  4. incense
  5. fresh flowers
  6. perfume
  7. scented soaps
  8. scented sprays and lotion

Sensory gifts

Sensory gifts that mainly soothe touch can be perfect for care packages. Here are a couple basket ideas to include:

  1. cute plushies
  2. fuzzy socks, gloves and bedroom slippers
  3. luxurious robe
  4. comfortable pajamas
  5. warm hoodies and sweaters
  6. soft blankets and weighted blankets
  7. pillows
  8. sleep masks
  9. massagers
  10. stress balls and squishies
  11. slime, foam, putty and kinetic sand
  12. fidget toys


Your loved one doesn’t have to be a foodie to enjoy fun snacks and exotic ingredients. Add some of their favorite sweet and savory treats for a thoughtful touch like:

  1. chocolate
  2. candy and sweets
  3. wafers
  4. gummies
  5. cookies
  6. brownies
  7. cakes
  8. pies
  9. ice cream
  10. dried fruit
  11. fresh fruit and veggies
  12. crackers
  13. crisps
  14. nuts
  15. popcorn
  16. biscuits
  17. breads
  18. pastries
  19. hard cheeses and spreads
  20. meat
  21. honey
  22. olive oil
  23. jams and jellies
  24. ramen
  25. exotic spices


Much like sweet and savory treats, drinks are also great additions for the basket. Try any of these:

  1. coffee
  2. cocoa
  3. tea bags
  4. loose leaves and flowers for tea
  5. tea infusers
  6. wine
  7. decanter sets
  8. unique alcohol
  9. cocktail mixes
  10. bartender sets
  11. insulated mugs and cups
  12. juices and syrups

Mental health gifts

It’s important to nurture and take care of our loved one’s mental health. There are a number of techniques and tools that could help like therapy, meditation, mindfulness, and journaling. Here are a couple simple ideas that’ll work in the self care basket:

  1. journals like gratitude journals
  2. pretty stickers and stationery
  3. affirmation cards
  4. adult coloring books and coloring pencils
  5. motivational quotes decor
  6. self help books
  7. ebook reader devices
  8. subscriptions for meditation apps
  9. noise canceling headphones
  10. pharmaceuticals like pain relievers, antacids, and more

Coupons and gift cards

If you’re not sure the best way to help your loved one, then coupons and gift cards can come in handy. These prepaid options can allow them to try new things without worrying about the finances. Here are a couple ideas:

  1. Coupons to their favorite spa
  2. Amazon and retail store gift cards
  3. Meal delivery gift cards
  4. Gift cards to their favorite hobby stores
  5. Streaming services coupons
  6. Coupons for hotel and travel for new adventures
  7. Coupons for new experiences like sip and paint, pottery or cooking classes, etc
  8. Prepaid classes for yoga, meditation, gym


It’s a beautiful feeling to make something with love and kindness for someone special. It’s equally beautiful to be on the receiving end too. It will make anyone feel truly cared for and appreciated. Here are a couple self care basket ideas that you can make your self:

  1. meaningful cards with long declarations of love and admiration
  2. personalized, homemade affirmation cards
  3. redeemable self care coupon book for dates, phone calls, hugs, chores and massages
  4. soothing music playlists – you can print a link or QR code to add to the basket or use a USB
  5. framed portraits and fun family photos
  6. homemade baked goods, sweets, jams and syrups
  7. hand-made quilts and blankets
  8. hand-knitted or crocheted clothing like socks, scarfs, and plushies
  9. homemade scented candles, soaps and oil blends
  10. DIY skin care scrubs and face masks (you can make these flaxseed gel masks)

Hobby presents

What is your loved one into at the moment? Art and artistic expression are great healing activities for everyone and can help with staying present in the moment. Fun, adventure and experience hobbies are also great for mental health.

  1. art supplies like canvas, paint supplies, charcoal, pastels, and color pencils
  2. crotchet, knitting and sewing kits
  3. scrapbooking and crafting supplies
  4. cooking and baking tools
  5. gardening starter kits
  6. kits for making jewelry, wine, cheese, etc
  7. puzzles and building blocks
  8. model building kits
  9. board games
  10. coupons for online games

This list can go on and on but I’ll stop here.

Funny gifts

A gag gift is perfect for bringing a smile to your loved one’s face. But, remember the initial questions about who is the self care basket for and how are they connected to you. Just because something is funny to you may not be as amusing to the recipient. And, you wouldn’t want to cross any boundaries with HR for having to explain a gag gift to a coworker.

With that said, here are a couple funny gift ideas:

  1. personalized mugs and tumblers
  2. personalized clothing and accessories like tshirts, undies and bags
  3. tortilla blankets and animal onesies
  4. dino and other funny costumes
  5. silly wigs and props
  6. funny plushies
  7. wacky candles
  8. hilarious decor
  9. funny board games
  10. joke books

Men’s self care kits

Men need self care too and, while many of the ideas above can be applied to guys, here are a couple self care basket ideas they will love:

Skin and hair care

Skin and hair care products make great gifts for guys. You can try adding in:

  1. moisturizers and lotions
  2. face cleansers
  3. face and body scrubs – especially foot scrubs
  4. tweezers and nail clippers
  5. shavers, razors, and trimmers
  6. shaving foam and after shave
  7. beard oil
  8. loofahs
  9. perfume
  10. massagers


Men enjoy soft, comfortable clothing just as much as women, so here are a couple ideas for the basket:

  1. comfy pajamas
  2. soft hoodies and tshirts
  3. fuzzy socks
  4. weighted or heated blankets
  5. cozy robes

Food and drinks

This might be the preferred self care gifts for guys. Ha! All the food and drink ideas under the women’s section can be applied here along with:

  1. jerky
  2. unique sauces like BBQ, jerk, hot sauce
  3. meal delivery coupons
  4. protein bars and supplements
  5. beer, whiskey, gin, tequila and his favorite alcohol
  6. unique ice cube trays
  7. bartender sets
  8. non-alcoholic spirits and mocktails
  9. premium coffee and tea
  10. coffee grinder, filters, and presses

More self care basket ideas for men

I won’t be repeating most ideas under the section for women, but here are a few more items to get for a guy’s self care basket:

  1. games including online ones
  2. gift cards for online shopping
  3. food coupons
  4. coupons for cleaning services
  5. productivity and self improvement books
  6. massage and pedicure coupons
  7. unique gadgets and tech
  8. mini tool sets
  9. homemade naughty coupons from their partner
  10. gym membership

That’s a really long list of self care basket ideas to inspire you as you personalize and curate a care package for someone special.

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