10 Fun Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2021

The last two years have been trying!

So, celebrating Mother’s Day should be filled with responsible love!

Here are a couple mother’s day gift ideas to get your special lady.

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Gardening Starter Kits

There is no doubt by now, food supply chains have been disrupted.

So how about growing your own food?

I actually gave my mom seedlings I grew myself. There were pak choi (which took 2 days to sprout), lettuce (which took 4 days) and okra. I also dug up a rosemary branch which developed roots so she could replant and have her very own rosemary supply.

I know she’ll enjoy the gardening and it’ll give her something to do to keep her mind off the crisis.

So, if your mom is into gardening, get her some seeds. Open Seed Vault has a survival garden pack with 32 vegetable varieties. It has all the favorites from bell peppers to zucchini.

Survival garden heirloom seeds

If she’s a beginner, she’ll love this indoor herb garden starter kit. It has everything you need to grow basil, cilantro, parsley, sage and thyme.

Spade fork organic home garden

But if your mom isn’t into getting her hands dirty, I got you! There is a countertop, no-soil, no mess hydroponics system that comes with pre-seeded pods of basil, parsley, thyme, chives, dill and mint. All she has to do is set up and add water.

You can also get her other seed pods too with romaine lettuce and tomatoes.

Seed pods with romaine lettuce

2. Coffee

Does your mom love caffeine? Then, get her unique coffee sampler sets to try. It’ll be a nice adventure in a cup to try coffees from all over the world, while at home.

Try Cooper’s Cask Coffee from Sumatra, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Rwanda. They come in one pound packs and are really delightful.

Cooper’s Cask Coffee from Sumatra, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Rwanda

Hubby is a coffee addict and Death Wish is his absolute favorite. This bundle will make a great gift for your coffee addicted mom friends too… They probably need it right now, more than ever.

Death wish coffee

3. Wine!

Does your mom or your mom friends need something stronger than coffee? What’s better than wine? Ha!

But to keep her occupied and in an experimenter’s mindset, get her a wine making kit! This one from Wild Grapes has the ingredients she’ll need to make 30 bottles of wine in four weeks (you may need to get her a siphon though!).

Wild Grapes

4. Cocktail setups

If she can’t wait a month for wine, then get her a professional bartender’s set. She can mix and match and have a great time making her own cocktails… and an even better time drinking those cocktails.

NÄU Zone’s bartender kit is one of the best out there and is made with restaurant grade stainless steel. One please!

NÄU Zone’s bartender kit

5. Self care subscription boxes

When coffee and alcohol won’t do the trick, then turn to self care gifts. There are lots of gift baskets, assortments, and subscription boxes on Amazon.

I adore this one from TheraBox. It has aromatherapy, bath, skincare, and mindfulness products. It covers all the bases to calm your mom and reduce her stress.

Therabox self care box

Or check out this cruelty-free bath, body and spa gift box with shea butter, scented candles and a cool bath bomb.

cruelty-free bath, body and spa gift box with shea butter, scented candles and a cool bath bomb

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6. Mindfulness guide

Now more than ever your mom needs to relax more, to stress less. Meditation and being more mindful can certainly help with that.

Mark Williams’ and Dan Penman’s Mindfulness: An Eight-Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World book is a must read. It explains a simple and systematic approach to improving one’s mindset. Following a few of the exercises will definitely ease your mom’s anxiety.

Mindfulness: An Eight-Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World

A bit on the nose, yes, but Shonda Moralis’ Breathe Mama Breathe book title is exactly what we all want to tell our moms right now… and ourselves too! The book is a great introduction to mindfulness and explains simple, manageable techniques to reducing stress.

Shonda Moralis’ Breathe Mama Breathe book

If books aren’t your mom’s thing, try these meditation and mindfulness cards. They provide easy mindfulness guides to help relax your mom as she gets ready for bed.

meditation and mindfulness cards

7. Comfy clothes

Is your mom under a ‘shelter in place’ order? Or is she working from home? Either way, she’ll definitely appreciate comfy clothes to wear around the house.

This kimono robe is made of cotton so it’s lightweight and super comfy. She’ll absolutely love it.

Kimono robe

These adorable, anti-slip flip flops are the perfect house shoes for her to wander around from the bedroom to the kitchen. You can even get them to match the kimono robe. She’ll love her new “work attire.”

anti-slip flip flops

8. Cookbooks!

Can you believe all restaurants are closed here? No dine in, no take out! Everyone has to cook at home. But it makes sense to cook at home nowadays. It reduces the exposure risk.

One of the hardest things about cooking at home (besides the mountain of wares to clean up!) is to figure out what to make. Pinterest has tons of recipes. Youtube too. But, there is something special about getting a new cookbook and trying all the interesting recipes.

America Test Kitchen’s The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook has 650 recipes for ‘everything you’ll ever want to make.’ That makes it a perfect present for mom!

America Test Kitchen’s The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook

For healthier recipes, get mom The Skinnytaste Cookbook. It focuses on low calorie foods without sacrificing great flavor.

The Skinnytaste Cookbook

9. Kitchen gadgets

My cousins got my mom a Ninja professional kitchen system for Mother’s Day! She was really surprised and appreciative (it was really amazing of them!). Now, she’s so excited to use it and is currently making a list of all the experiments she wants to do. Making her own homemade coconut oil is top of the list (hopefully I’ll get her brown coconuts this week!).

If your mom is into cooking, kitchen gadgets are guaranteed to excite her on mother’s day.

If you are on a budget, check out these non-stick, silicone baking mats are perfect for your pocket and for her fun, baking times.

non-stick, silicone baking mats

These Swedish sponge cloths will make cleanup really easy and they’re biodegradable! (I talk about them in my dish sponge alternatives post).

Swedish sponge cloths

Want to splurge? Look into finally getting her an Instant Pot. You’ll be her favorite kid for a while…

Instant Pot

10. Candles

If you are still out of mother’s day gift ideas, there are always candles!

These Way Out West candles smell really good (the lavender-lemongrass one is excellent!). They also come in wonderful, thoughtful packaging so they make perfect presents.

Way Out West candles

Andaluca also has a wonderful range of candle scents. If you like the smell of lemons, check out their lemon and thyme scented candle.

Andaluca candles

What are you getting your mom this Mother’s Day? I’d love to hear your ideas.

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  1. These are great gift ideas! Candles are always a lovely gift and comfortable clothes are a wise choice with everyone staying home! 🙂

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend 🙂


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