80 Money Journal Prompts about Management and Abundance

Journaling about money is a great way to get better insights about your beliefs regarding money, see what’s working and not working right now, and figure out what you want your financial future to look like. These 100 money journal prompts are here to help you gain clarity.

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Money journal prompts exploring the past

How you think about and treat money has a lot to do with how you were raised. Take your time, go slowly, and be gentle with yourself while exploring these money journal prompts that delve into your childhood and the past.

  1. Can you remember when you first understood the concept of wealth? Describe what happened.
  2. What are some of your earliest memories about money?
  3. Did you feel wealthy and privileged growing up?
  4. Did these feelings change as you got older?
  5. What were common sayings you heard about money when you were a child?
  1. What were your parents’ views on money?
  2. Did relatives have different views? Did they share their opinions in front of you?
  3. What were your family’s spending habits like?
  4. What large expenses did they deal with while growing up? Buying a house, a car, etc.
  5. How were those situations handled? Were they discussed in front of you or were there arguments?
  1. Who gave you money when you were a kid?
  2. What did they encourage you to do with the money? What did you actually do with it?
  3. If you spent the money differently, did the person say anything to you about it?
  4. Where did you keep this money?
  5. Did your family open a bank account for you growing up?
  1. Describe the first few times you earned money?
  2. How was your first long term job? Describe what you had to do.
  3. What advice did your family give you about what to do with your earned money?
  4. Did you listen to their advice?
  5. Did you do anything contrary to this advice? How did they react to that?

Money mindset journal prompts

The past can shape the present and future. So, let’s dive into your current money mindset.

  1. Do you agree with your family’s views on money, saving and spending habits?
  2. How are their views different from yours today?
  3. How do you feel about your own views about money today? Are there any limiting beliefs?
  4. What can you do to overcome those limiting beliefs (if any)? Can you reframe them into more positive ones?
  5. Whose money mindset do you admire? What can you learn from them to apply to your own views on money?
  1. Is money connected to your self worth?
  2. Is your income connected to your definition of success?
  3. Do you believe you are worthy of financial success?
  4. Is having money a good thing or bad? Why?
  5. How do you describe yourself when it comes to money? eg. I’m bad with money, I’m a spender versus a saver
  1. Do you feel money is scarce or abundant?
  2. Have you had financial struggles in the past? How did you adapt and deal with them?
  3. Have you had financial success in the past (or present)? What do you attribute your success to?
  4. What can you do to build on that success to grow your wealth?
  5. How have you changed with dealing with financial success and struggle? What lessons have you learned?

Money management journal prompts

  1. What are your short-term and long-term life goals?
  2. How much funds do you need to achieve these goals?
  3. What are your current sources of income? Are they increasing, decreasing, or remaining steady?
  4. What are your current expenses? Are they increasing, decreasing, or remaining steady?
  5. Do you have debt? Describe the details.
  1. If you do have debt, how do you plan to be debt-free?
  2. How do you budget your expenditure?
  3. Do you set and stick to expenditure limits? Or do you go over? Why?
  4. What short-term and long-term activities can you do to increase income?
  5. What short-term and long-term activities can you do to decrease spending?
  1. Do you budget for unexpected expenses? eg. medical bills, etc
  2. If there was another 2008 or 2020 situation, do you have the financial resources to maintain your current lifestyle?
  3. How much money do you think you need to feel financially independent and safe in these situations?
  4. What can you do today to get you closer to that figure?
  5. What can you reduce today to get you to that figure?
  1. Define what financial freedom means to you.
  2. Do you have a diverse income and investment portfolio?
  3. Are you proactive with learning about new ways to invest?
  4. Make a list of your favorite books and resources to grow your financial literacy.
  5. Have you considered reaching out to a financial advisor or mentor for a chat?

Money block questions

  1. What are you afraid of when it comes to money?
  2. Are you afraid of success? If yes, why?
  3. Are you afraid of failure? If yes, why? Do you have fear of failure paralysis?
  4. Have you ever found yourself sabotaging your efforts to earn, save and invest?
  5. Are there any limiting beliefs especially from childhood influencing this sabotage?
  1. Have you been criticized by loved ones about your money management?
  2. If yes, were their criticism influenced by their own differing views on money? Can you reframe their criticism or create mental boundaries to protect yourself?
  3. Do you shame and blame yourself when you use money in a way that is the opposite to what you believe in? If yes, why?
  4. Do you feel guilty about how you manage your finances?
  5. How has past financial struggles and failures affected your mindset to money?
  1. Have you ever sacrificed your own financial security to help loved ones? If yes, why?
  2. How did you feel about the situation after? Would you do it again?
  3. Do you compare your wealth to your friends? Does this help you or harm you?
  4. Do you feel comfortable or insecure around persons wealthier than you? Why?
  5. Do you believe you deserve to occupy space in a room full of wealthy individuals?

Money manifestation and abundance prompts

  1. Do you believe in asking the universe (or God) for what you want?
  2. Have you ever tried asking and ended up receiving what you wanted? What happened?
  3. What are your thoughts about believing and living with an abundance mindset?
  4. What in your life right now are you happy and grateful for? this can include or exclude finances
  5. If you were financially secure, what would you do to give back? Can you do something similar right now to start giving back?
  1. Define your ideal financial situation.
  2. What would your life look like in this ideal scenario? What would you be doing? What would you give up immediately?
  3. Can you visualize yourself living this life? Are you satisfied and happy?
  4. Do you now believe you are worthy and deserving of this ideal life? You do deserve the world!
  5. What are your strengths and skills you can leverage to achieve this ideal? Are you using them to their full potential?

I hope these money journal prompts give you clarity and insight into your financial beliefs, behaviors and dreams. May the plans you create using these prompts bring you an abundance of joy and prosperity. Happy journaling!

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