How to Create a Zen Fairy Garden

Have you ever thought about creating a zen fairy garden?

It is a beautiful blend of minimalist serenity and child-like excitement when it comes to fairy gardens.

And it is most certainly for all age groups – young and young at heart.

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What is a fairy garden

Fairies are thought to represent good luck in European folklore. So, fairy gardens came about as a welcoming, attractive place for fairies to visit and even live in. The gardens almost always contain a tiny house with a door, windows, flowers, stepping stones and lots of brightly colored elements.

Since fairy gardens were often outdoors, the fairy homes were always made from foraged materials like leaves, wood and sticks. Of course, if you’re getting more fancy, you can use ceramics or clays or even resin features.

Today, fairy gardens can be simple or elaborate, depending on your preference. You can include so many cute elements like water features, tiny furniture, a mailbox and more. Anything that’ll spark joy, creativity and excitement is always welcomed in a fairy garden.

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What is a zen garden

Zen gardens are dry gardens made with sand (or gravel), stones, plants, and elements of Japanese culture like pagodas, lanterns, and more. In Japanese culture, the gardens represent a water scene where the sand is used to replace the water. So, lines are drawn in the sand to show ripples and waves.

Zen gardens are often used as a place for relaxing, meditating and being mindful. And designing a zen garden is all about balance, simplicity, and arranging elements in a way to feel harmony and peace.

Why wouldn’t a fairy love that?

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What do you need to create a zen fairy garden

Creating a zen fairy garden is all about your preferences. Do you want to go more traditional? Or bring only a couple Japanese elements to your fairy garden? These choices are all up to you. Of course, it’ll be wonderful to maintain a simple sandy space to rake beautiful wave patterns in the zen fairy garden.

Here are a few things you may need when creating your own garden.

Location and space

Where will your fairy garden be? Indoors or outdoors? How big do you want your zen garden to be? Do you want the fairy house to sit amongst the sand? Or do you want a miniature zen garden for the fairies to enjoy? The answers to these questions will help you determine if you need a small container to hold the sand or a much larger one to encompass all the fairy elements plus the sand.

You can consider repurposing pots, trays, wood scraps, and even broken dishware (nothing with a sharp edge though). Using clay and ceramic materials would be better for the outdoors. But, for more sheltered areas, you can use wood, metal, resin and even glass.

Here’s a fairy garden planter that’s 10.5 inches and made with resin.

Fairy Garden Miniature Stump Sweet House Resin Planter


White sand is often used in zen gardens because it represents goodness and purity. So, white sand would be wonderful for your fairy garden and you can find lots of options on Amazon.

Of course, you are not limited to white alone. There are many colored sand choices too. You can go for bright pink or blue sand. Or both. Or get moody and mysterious with black sand!

It’s a great way to get creative when making your zen fairy garden.

Tiny rocks

Collect rocks from your favorite places and use them in your garden. Rocks represent mountains and land in a zen garden. And you can draw beautiful ripple patterns in the sand around them.

Some people also use the rocks to help them meditate and strengthen their focus. So pick unique rocks that are interesting to look at.


What type of plants do you think the fairies will enjoy? Some flowers maybe? Or succulents? Choose plants that are easy to look after with minimal care. In fact, succulents are a great option for the fairy garden.

Other great options are tree figurines. Japanese zen gardens often have cherry blossoms and a tiny figurine would be a wonderful addition to your own garden. You can find quite a few fairy garden tree figurines on Amazon.

This set comes with a couple cherry blossoms, maple, and pine trees.

Miniature Fairy Garden Accessories Outdoor

Traditional Japanese features

Since zen gardens are part of Japanese culture, why not incorporate some Japanese architecture and elements to your fairy garden? Japanese lanterns (called toro), towers, and pagodas (tiered towers) are great options to give the garden a traditional and authentic feel.

There are lots of figurine options too! Check out these:

23 Zen Garden Accessories, Mini Meditation Zen Tray Items Kit

Fairy house

Now, it’s time to add a comfortable fairy house! You can DIY a little house with a removeable roof and a swinging door and draw in the windows or other features. Use twigs and leaves, or repurpose sturdy wood, ceramic or clay containers from home.

It doesn’t have to be fancy! Remember, the whole point of zen gardens is to be simple and minimal. The fairies will love it either way!

You can also get any of this adorable fairy house:

PRETMANNS Fairy Garden House

Zen rake

Don’t forget to get a rake for the zen garden to create beautiful patterns in the sand. Remember, the patterns are meant to simulate water and waves so they’re either long, straight lines or circular to represent ripples.

You can repurpose a plastic fork as a zen garden rake or make your own by cutting a bamboo skewer into small pieces for the “teeth” (about 1/4-inch thick), a short piece for the teeth (2-inches) and a longer piece for the handle (4-inches or so). Glue the “teeth” onto the short piece before fastening it to the handle.

There are also zen garden rake options on Amazon too.

Oh and, if you want to get even more creative, you can try these garden stamps to make beautiful patterns in the sand. That’ll sure attract the fairies’ attention!

More fairy flare

So, your zen fairy garden is pretty much complete at this point. All that’s left is to add any extra cute elements that you adore. Make a cute welcome sign! Or add some animal figurines like ladybugs, swans and more. Or even seating with a little table and chairs. Get creative and enjoy the beautiful fairy garden that you built!

Check out this 132-piece accessory kit:

Have you created your own zen fairy garden? Tell me about it!

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