5 Reusable Freezer Bags to Ditch the Pesky Plastic

Reusable freezer bags

Are you freezing food in case of shortages later on this year? Or next year?

If you are, you’re a smart cookie!

And you should think about investing in reusable freezer bags.


Because it’ll save you a couple bucks at the end of the month. You’ll also have less single use plastic waste in your trash.

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30 Eco Friendly Kitchen Products to Start Using Immediately

Kitchen Products Homepage Photo

Say no to single use plastic with these eco friendly kitchen products.

These products will reduce your waste!

And as you move to a more eco friendly lifestyle, never forget the many R’s in the product cycle.

  • Rethink if you actually need a product;  
  • Refuse whatever you don’t need;
  • Reduce the amount you buy;
  • Reuse what you already have;
  • Repair what can be fixed;
  • Restore what needs a little tlc;
  • Repurpose to give something a new life;
  • Recycle when you can’t do any of the other R’s;
  • Rot your organic waste.

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Want A Zero Waste Lifestyle? Start With These 20 Habits

Full disclaimer, I don’t think a zero waste lifestyle is possible.

Some things break or have a limited lifespan.

When it’s over, those items become waste.

There is no way to avoid that.

But we can certainly waste less.

That’s more than possible.

So, here are a couple habits to adopt as you wade into a low waste lifestyle.

These are based on the concepts of: refuse, reduce, reuse, repair, recycle and rot.

If you refuse things from the get go, you will have less to waste.

So, refusing should be your main priority. After that, reducing and reusing will keep your trash levels low. You should recycle and rot when there is nothing else you can do with that item.

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