30 Eco Friendly Kitchen Products to Start Using Immediately

Say no to single use plastic with these eco friendly kitchen products.

These products will reduce your waste!

And as you move to a more eco friendly lifestyle, never forget the many R’s in the product cycle.

  • Rethink if you actually need a product;  
  • Refuse whatever you don’t need;
  • Reduce the amount you buy;
  • Reuse what you already have;
  • Repair what can be fixed;
  • Restore what needs a little tlc;
  • Repurpose to give something a new life;
  • Recycle when you can’t do any of the other R’s;
  • Rot your organic waste.

Really think about these principles when finding and buying any product.

Before getting into this list, I just wanted to share a little about my own experiences.

My parents grew up in the post-war era and so had to make do with what little they had and what was readily available. They taught me to never waste anything and many of these tips and product recommendations come from what they’ve done and still continue to do.

30 Eco Friendly Kitchen Products

Eco Friendly Kitchen Products

The kitchen is probably the single largest contributor to the waste you generate. Look at what you throw out every day and see where you can adopt these eco friendly kitchen products to reduce your trash.

1. Reusable water bottles

If your pipe borne water is safe to drink then fill up your very own reusable water bottles and ditch the plastic bottled water.

At home, reuse glass juice bottles. I’ve been using my old Lakewood juice bottles for the last three or four years. They are incredible, high quality glass bottles that can handle very hot temperatures.

For an on-the-go bottle, try LifeSky’s stainless steel water bottle. There is no plastic in this bottle – the cap is stainless steel and the seal is made of silicone.

LifeSky’s stainless steel water bottle

If you are not as clumsy as I am, take a look at Yomious’ glass bottle. It comes with a bamboo lid and silicone sleeve (there is a little plastic in the lid, though).

Yomious' glass bottles are eco friendly kitchen products

2. Reusable straws

Did you know Americans use half a billion plastic straws every day? They all add up! So, it’s time to ditch that throwaway culture. Use reusable straws instead – paper, glass, stainless steel and silicone straws – they’re all good choices.

These silicone straws are cute!

18 piece silicone straws

3. Reusable cutlery

As with straws, you don’t need single use plastic cutlery. Rethink it, refuse it… Use the cutlery you have right now. Take them on the go with you. Bamboo and stainless steel ones are also great.

Cennsa’s wooden set is really nice:

Cennsa's wooden set

4. Cast iron cookware

Forget the non-stick cookware that contains harmful chemicals and isn’t durable. Cast iron cookware can last for generations. My parents own decades-old cast iron pots and they’ve used them almost every day. You can’t go wrong with cast iron.

I highly recommend Lodge pots and pans. I’ve had mine for many years and they still look brand new.

Lodge pots and pans are great, eco friendly kitchen products

5. Glass pots

My mom received a glass pot set as a wedding gift 45 years ago. She still uses those pots to this day. Visions pots are no joke when it comes to durability and longevity.

Visions pots


Ditch the plastic sponges, try these eco-friendly kitchen sponges instead

Kitchen sponge alternatives Homepage Photo

6. Silicone baking mats

Forget single use parchment paper. Try these eco friendly kitchen products instead: silicone baking mats. Adoric’s mats are made with silicone and glass fiber and are non-stick and non-slip. You can use them on your countertop and baking trays. They’re amazing.

Adoric's silicone baking mats

7. Silicone cupcake liners

Paper cupcake liners are nice but they are single use. You can never reuse a paper cupcake liner. So, if you bake often why not rethink using them? Consider silicone cupcake liners. I have a couple and I adore them.

You can take a look at Selizo’s 54 liners. They can handle up to 445°F.

Eco friendly kitchen products: Selizo's cupcake liners

8. Stainless steel storage containers

We’ve seen zero waste kitchens with large plastic containers full of cereal, pasta, and other grains. They look beautiful and organized; but there are better, non-plastic options out there.

Cooks Standard has large, stainless steel containers with glass covers and silicone seals.

Cooks Standard 4-Piece Canister Set, 4 pcs, Stainless Steel

9. Large glass storage containers

Besides stainless steel containers, you can find glass ones too. This set has bamboo lids, silicone and metal seals.

Eco friendly kitchen products: large glass containers

10. Glass food containers

You don’t need plastic Tupperware or single use disposal plastic containers. Glass food containers are great alternatives for meal prep and packing lunch. I have these Rubbermaid containers – the only drawback is they come with plastic covers. But they last for years!

Rubbermaid glass containers

11. Silicone food containers

Besides glass food containers, try collapsible silicone ones. These from Drynatural are cute and functional.

Dry natural silicone food containers

12. Non plastic dishes

Forget plastic dishes, bowls, cups, and utensils. There are more eco friendly options. Paper, glass, ceramic, stoneware, fiber, leaf and wood dinner sets are all beautiful, functional and better for the planet than plastic.

For your next dinner party, consider this dinnerware set made from palm leaves.

Palm leaf dinnerware

13. Non plastic cutting boards

I must admit I’ve bought a plastic cutting board before; but it cracked within a year. Since then, I got a larger bamboo cutting board and it’s been in use for close to five years already. I wash it immediately after use and allow it to dry completely before storing it. It’s been good – no cracks, stains, mold, or anything!

This bamboo cutting board set is highly recommended.

Bamboo cutting boarss

14. Cloth napkins

Anything can be repurposed into a cloth napkin – an old cotton shirt, a t-shirt, anything. Holes? No problem – as long as it is clean. That’s how it was and still is in my home. You can use these cloths to wipe up spills or as pot holders. It doesn’t matter.

Cut them, hand stitch or professionally stitch them – there are no rules for making your own cloth napkins for the kitchen to replace disposable paper towels.


15. Brown paper bags

It’s crazy to think the world uses 10 million plastic bags a minute! We must say no to single use plastic. Instead, use brown paper bags. They may not be waterproof but they are more eco-friendly than plastic.

These are made with recycled paper and are biodegradable and compostable.

Eco friendly kitchen products: brown bags

16. Cloth bags

I have a whole roundup of DIY bag tutorial videos. You can see how to make your own produce bags, cutlery pouches, every day reusable bags and even bottle bags. And you can repurpose fabric or older clothing you already have.

If sewing isn’t your thing, then check out this set with 14 reusable bags.

Eco friendly kitchen products: reusable bags

17. Silicone bags

Cloth bags are not exactly waterproof, but silicone bags are! They are waterproof, airtight and made of food grade material. You can use them as sandwich bags for lunch or freezer bags for frozen meals.

Tiblue has a nice 10 pack set.

Silicone bags

18. Beeswax wraps

So, beeswax wraps are very popular eco friendly kitchen products since you can use them in place of plastic wrap. You can make your own wraps with beeswax and fabric. Or you can get Lilybee wraps and enjoy these plastic-free clingwrap alternatives.

Eco friendly kitchen products: beeswax food wraps

19. Silicone lids

Besides beeswax wraps, you can also use silicone stretch lids. They are versatile, flexible and work great for bottles, jars, pots and bowls.

Silicone lids

20. Castile liquid soap

There are zero waste soap blocks out there but I’m not sure if coconut oil-based soaps have significant antimicrobial and anti-grease properties. On the other hand, there is evidence that castile soap mixed with essential oils is effective on microbes.

The downside though is castile liquid soap usually comes in a plastic bottle. So, this recommendation will generate some waste. However, one gallon of soap can last for an entire year and, once it’s finished, you can repurpose the bottle for gardening or recycle the plastic.

Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap is the best.

Dr. Bronner's liquid soap

21. Biodegradable dish washing pods

Common dish washing pods are coated in plastic and they come in plastic packaging too. You don’t want that! Replace them with Dropps dishwasher pods. They use plant derived and biodegradable ingredients.

Dropps dishwasher pods

22. Eco-friendly sponge alternatives

Check out my post on kitchen sponge alternatives. You’ll see all my recommendations from natural bristle brushes and tawashis to coconut fiber and natural loofahs.

Kuchenprofi brushes are my favorite.

Eco friendly kitchen products: Kuchenprofi brushes

23. Silicone bottle brush

I use my silicone bottle brush all the time. They get my bottles clean and pristine – even the bottles I keep my homemade coconut oil in. The Kitchiny brush is a great option.

Silicone bottle brush

24. Swedish dish cloth

I adore these cloths – they are magic. They are made with cellulose fibers and cotton and are incredibly absorbent. Plus they’re compostable!

Swedish dish cloths

25. Reusable coffee filter

Single use coffee filters? Boo! If you love your coffee, check out Delibru’s reusable K cups for Keurig 2.0 and 1.0 coffee makers. They can help you reduce waste. The only drawback is they are made of plastic.

Delibru reusable k cups

Another option is canFly’s K cup paper filters. They are unbleached and biodegradable.

Paper filters for K-cup

26. Reusable French press

For stronger coffee, get a French press. This Mueller French press is incredibly durable and sturdy. You can also use it to make tea, herbal drinks and more.

Mueller French press

27. Mortar and pestle

So, my mom’s coffee grinder died recently. She couldn’t replace it since the appliance store was closed (2020 is that kind of year!) so she started using her old mortar and pestle again. Now, she refuses to replace the grinder since they are not made to last… at least, they won’t last as long as her mortar and pestle!

If you don’t have one, take a look at ChefSofi’s:

Mortar and pestle are non electronic, eco friendly kitchen products

28. Manual kitchen tools

Don’t fall for the gimmicky, plastic gadgets that fall apart in a matter of months. Or electronic ones that fail after a couple years and are really difficult to repair. Instead, rethink your tools and look for manual ones that won’t ever fail you.

Graters, hand whisks, scales, and juicers all come to mind.

Here’s a manual citrus juicer that’s perfect for making summer drinks.

Manual citrus juicer

For electronics that you do purchase, research their common causes of failure. Sometimes, it can be cracked seals or O-rings. Other times, it can be power cord problems. With this info, you can purchase the replacement parts and repair the tools instead of throwing them away.

29. Compostable trash bags

Say no to the plastic trash bags and hello to compostable ones. These eco friendly kitchen products are heavy duty, non-toxic and are made with plant starches.

Compostable trash bags are great eco friendly kitchen products

30. Stainless steel compost bin

This brings in the rot part of the many R’s I talked about at the beginning. Rotting your organic food scraps can generate your very own compost to add to your garden. Mix in coffee grounds and egg shell bits and your plants will love you!

Check out the Utopia Kitchen stainless steel compost bin.

Utopia Kitchen stainless steel compost bin

What other eco friendly kitchen products do you use? I’d love to hear about your experiences.


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