96 Couples Journal Prompts to Reminisce and Strengthen the Bond

Couples journaling is a wonderful way to reminisce, reflect, and memorialize special memories of the relationship, while developing greater emotional intimacy. These couples journal prompts can help you get started.

The prompts aim to bring up the exciting beginning, get deeper into each other’s mindset, work through tough moments, and find great ways to add newness to the relationship. Dive into these prompts and check out my love messages while you’re here.

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Couples journal prompts for reminiscing

  1. What was your first impression of your partner?
  2. What is your favorite memory of your partner before you made it official?
  3. When did you realize your feelings ran deep? What happened to make you feel that way?
  4. What made you fall in love with your partner?
  1. Who was the first person you told about how you felt? A friend? Your mom?
  2. What do you remember about the day you made it official?
  3. What habits did you find cute early on in the relationship?
  4. Can you remember any awkward or embarrassing moments when you were just getting to know each other? Are those moments funny now?
  1. Did you save any tokens from your dates? Cards, gifts and photos?
  2. Describe the details of your first kiss.
  3. What was your favorite romantic moment early on?
  4. What was your favorite song as a couple when you just got together. Favorite movie?

Fun journal prompts for couples

  1. What was the funniest thing you remember about the early part of the relationship?
  2. Looking back, what makes you smile the most when thinking about the beginning?
  3. Can you think of something that happened as a couple that still makes you laugh to this day?
  4. What is your favorite adventure together?
  1. List the bunch of cutesy, funny names you call each other.
  2. What is the best gift you ever received from your partner? Which gift did you have the most fun giving him/her?
  3. Describe a perfect day together.
  4. Can you remember your favorite date? What happened?
  1. If you imagine your relationship as a tasty recipe, what would the main ingredients be? (example: sprinkles of jokes, sticks of trust, etc)
  2. What’s the nicest compliment your partner ever gave you?
  3. If you had to create a playlist for the relationship, what songs would be on it?
  4. If you asked your family, friends, kids or pets (if they could talk), what would they say is the funniest thing about you both as a couple?

Lean into the relationship prompts

  1. What does your partner do that makes you feel so loved and cared for?
  2. How does your person make you feel safe to express your inner thoughts and emotions?
  3. What is your partner’s love language? What is yours?
  4. Describe some of your partner’s best qualities.
  1. What are some core beliefs and values you both share? Do you have any differing beliefs? Describe them.
  2. When was the last time you felt proud of your partner? What happened?
  3. How do you show appreciation and gratitude to your partner? Do they understand your actions as gratitude and appreciation?
  4. Looking back, which moments stand out as your happiest? What happened?
  1. Write a love letter to your partner.
  2. What can you do today to make your partner’s month better?
  3. When was the last time your person surprised you? Explore how you felt in that moment.
  4. What is your favorite topic of deep conversation? When was the last time you talked about it? How did it go?

Couples journal prompts for tough times

  1. Do you feel valued and loved by your partner? Do you feel love for them?
  2. What are your preferred coping mechanisms during conflict as a couple. What are your partner’s? What different coping mechanisms can you both try that could help future situations?
  3. Do you hold some resentment towards your partner? Describe situations that created and added to this resentment.
  4. Can you forgive your partner for the things they’ve done that make you feel resentment? What can you do that’ll help make the path to forgiveness easier? What can they do?
  1. Describe your toughest argument as a couple. Can you see things from your partner’s perspective? What could you have done differently to make the moment lighter or easier?
  2. Do you feel supported in your relationship? What could your partner do to make you feel more supported? How can you communicate when you need more support?
  3. Are you committed to staying together and making this partnership work? If yes, what can you do to help the relationship? If no, why?
  4. Before becoming a couple, what did you do that brought you great joy? Do you still do those things? Can you continue or restart them?
  1. In the beginning, what did you love doing as a couple together? Do you still do them?
  2. Are you complacent in your partnership and take your relationship for granted? If yes, is there anything you can do to cause a change?
  3. When was the last time you felt rejected by your partner? What happened? Did you communicate your feelings in the moment? How did it go?
  4. Has your partner ever suggested you don’t listen or hear or understand what they’re trying to say? Describe those moments. What could you have done differently to make them feel understood or heard?

Relationship journal prompts for creating newness

  1. What did you enjoy most about your last adventure together?
  2. If you had to plan a weekend getaway, what would you do? What do you think your partner would want?
  3. What are 3 hobbies you both want to try? Are there classes nearby? Supplies? YouTube tutorials?
  4. Make a list of some free date night options. Get creative.
  1. What new traditions do you want to start this year with your partner? Are they different to what you grew up with?
  2. What is your dream vacation? What is your partner’s? Can you plan a trip that combines the two?
  3. Brainstorm 3 things you can do or give to surprise your partner.
  4. What can both of you do to make your inner child happy? What brings back happy childhood memories?
  1. Is there a fun project you can do together as a couple? Brainstorm the steps, materials needed and more.
  2. Make a list of new places to visit in your area that are interesting to both of you. Create a plan to visit a new space every week or two.
  3. Which upcoming shows and events sound fun? Schedule them.
  4. Find some great books, TV shows, movies, and podcasts to check out together.

Couples journal prompts for romance and intimacy

  1. What is your definition of romance? What is your partner’s? How are they different?
  2. Write about the time you felt most connected with your partner. What made the moment so special?
  3. What is one activity you both do not enjoy doing? How can it be more enjoyable and sexy?
  4. Describe your favorite kiss with your partner. Where was it? What was happening?
  1. Of all the types of intimacy (physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, experiential, creative, etc), which are your favorites? Which are your partner’s favorites?
  2. Give each type of intimacy a satisfaction rating from 1 to 5, where 1 means you are not satisfied and 5 means you are very satisfied. What are some ways you can improve the ratings of each type?
  3. Describe your perfect date night.
  4. What is your ultimate fantasy? What is your partner’s? Make a list of things you can do to make them a reality.
  1. What are your turn ons. What makes you turn off? How can you both work on reducing turn offs and increasing turn ons?
  2. Brainstorm 10 activities to spice things up in the bedroom. What would you try first?
  3. What are you passionate about? Are they similar to your partner’s passions? What can you do together to grow your emotional and intellectual intimacy while pursuing these passions?
  4. What are your preferred ways of developing spiritual intimacy? Do you pray or meditate together?

Journal prompts for relationship anxiety

  1. What worries you about your current relationship?
  2. Where do you feel anxiety the most in your body? What does it feel like? Tension? Stomach issues?
  3. Do you have baggage from your previous relationships? Are there situations that trigger you? Do you know your partner’s baggage and their triggers?
  4. How do you validate your own feelings when the anxiety surfaces? Are you kind to yourself?
  1. What could your partner say or do that would ease your relationship anxiety? Have you shared this with them? What happened?
  2. Do you feel safe to express yourself fully in the relationship? Write about situations when you did and/or didn’t feel safe to freely share your thoughts.
  3. What is your definition of a healthy couple? What does a non-toxic relationship look like to you?
  4. If you can wave a magic wand and change anything about your relationship, what would you change?
  1. Are you happy? What could make you happier?
  2. Would you walk away from the relationship if you felt it was not healthy or serving you? How different would your life be if you are no longer a couple? What would you be doing instead? How do you feel thinking about this?
  3. Are you prone to cognitive distortions like catastrophizing, personalizing, and mind reading? List situations where you may have had these distortions. Why did you feel the need to protect yourself with these distortions? How did your partner react in these situations? Explore things from your partner’s perspective.
  4. What does your intuition tell you about the relationship? Are you being gaslit or are you self sabotaging?

Couple journal prompts for the future

  1. In an ideal world, what does the future look like for both of you as individuals and as a couple?
  2. What are your life goals and aspirations? What are your partner’s? How do they align? What are different?
  3. How can you support your partner as they pursue their goals? What can they do to help you with yours?
  4. Write about division of labor, mental load and gender roles. What are your preferences? What are your partner’s? What areas are similar and different? Can you come to a compromise on the differences?
  1. What are the rules or commandments of the relationship? Which behaviors are considered acceptable versus not acceptable?
  2. What does your perfect home look like? What’s inside? How is it similar to your partner’s ideas?
  3. Do you want kids? How would you want them to be raised? Gently? What core values would you want them to have?
  4. Would you want pets in your future? What types? How many?
  1. What is the future plan for finances? Would it be joint or individual? How would the expenses be split? Who handles the taxes?
  2. What would the holidays look like? What traditions do you want to keep?
  3. What’s on your long-term bucket list to do together?
  4. How do you envision retirement? Where do you want your final resting place to be? Discuss your final wishes.

I hope these couples journal prompts truly spark positive, kind and meaningful conversations that strengthen your bond as a couple.

More journal prompts are coming soon to the blog but, in the meantime, why not make your partner smile by sending these “I love you with all my heart” and “my love for you is endless” messages.

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