6 Incredible Benefits of Avocado Oil for Skin

Avocado oil is a wonderful carrier oil that is super moisturizing. Here you’ll find the benefits of avocado oil for the skin with the studies to back up the claims!

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Benefits of avocado oil for skin infographic explaining the oil is moisturizing, healing and helps skin problems

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Why is avocado oil good for skin

Avocado oil contains important fatty acids that are great for your skin. Oleic acid, palmitic acid, linoleic acid, and linolenic acid are the main compounds in the oil.

Vitamins A, C, D, and E and minerals are also present in the oil along with antioxidants like beta-sitosterol, beta-carotene and lecithin.

Benefits of avocado oil for skin

1. It is super moisturizing

Avocado oil has a luxurious, thick texture and doesn’t penetrate deep into the skin. That makes it absolutely perfect for moisturizing dry, damaged and chapped skin (according to this 2018 study).

So, massage the oil onto your dry spots, knees and heels. It’s also great for your hair too.

2. Avocado oil may be anti-inflammatory

A 2013 animal study found avocado oil had anti-inflammatory activity in the wound healing of rats. Collagen density and tensile strength were also better in the healing process when compared to petroleum jelly.

So, the oil may have anti-inflammatory benefits but no clinical trials have been done to confirm these effects in humans.

3. It can aid wound healing

Another animal study from 2008 found wounds in rats treated orally and topically with avocado oil saw faster wound healing rates.

4. Avocado oil can help with psoriasis

The common drug calcipotriol (sold as Dovonex) and a Vitamin B-12 cream with avocado oil were used on psoriasis patients in this 2001 study. The drug worked faster but stopped showing noticeable improvements after 1 month. The vitamin-avocado mix took longer to work but showed similar results after 3 months.

So, the Vitamin B-12 cream with avocado oil can be a safe, effective, long term treatment for psoriasis.

5. It is useful for wrinkles and stretch marks

Avocado oil can also be great for wrinkles and stretch marks.

This 2020 study looked at the effectiveness of an anti-wrinkle topical cream that contained saffron extract and avocado oil. The cream was applied daily for 12 weeks and the participants saw skin improvement, better elasticity and reduced lines. The researchers concluded the cream could be a safe treatment for facial skin rejuvenation.

6. It’s unlikely to cause acne

The fatty acid combo in avocado oil makes it unlikely to cause acne even if you have acne-prone skin. But you should still patch test though – everyone’s skin is different!

With its low chance of causing acne, avocado oil is the perfect oil cleanser and oily makeup remover. It has the right texture and thickness to get the job done.

It’s also a good base for a massage blend. I like adding a couple drops of lavender essential oil for a nice relaxing massage. Sometimes, I’ll swap lavender for eucalyptus when my allergies act up. It helps me breathe much better and get a good night’s sleep.

So what are your thoughts? Have you ever used avocado oil? How do you use it?

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