The beaches in Grenada are next level gorgeous. I’m from the Caribbean. I’m used to white sandy beaches and turquoise water everywhere. But I was definitely impressed by the beauty of these Grenada beaches during my first trip to the island.


Beaches in Grenada

Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse Beach is on the southwest coast of the island. It’s the longest and most popular Grenadian beach. And you can find it on many “best beaches in the world” lists.

Hubby and I enjoyed swimming there – we did five times in our three day trip. Heh! It helped our hotel was a couple steps away.

The water was so clear and calm. A couple starfish were easy to spot. And I swear to you, a turtle popped its head up a hundred feet from us. Eeeep! We tried to swim out to look for it but the light was fading and we had to call it quits. Bummer!

There were eels too. A couple snorkelers pointed them out and insisted they were snakes. It’s an easy mistake to make; after all the eels were gold-spotted eels and are often called dark-spotted snake eels (according to good ol’ Google). They were harmless and fun to watch.

These are shots from the hotel. Even the clouds looked epic.

Beaches in Grenada Grand Anse Beach
Grand Anse Beach

Here’s Grand Anse Beach from the hills at the southern end of the beach.

Grand Anse Beach (entire beach)

Magazine Beach

Magazine Beach is another beach on Grenada’s southwest coast and it’s one of my favorite beaches in Grenada. You can tell by the amount of photos I took! Haha! #nofilterneeded!

Beaches in Grenada Magazine Beach
Grenada Beaches - Magazine Beach
Magazine Beach - Closeup and Clouds
Magazine Beach, Closeup
Magazine Beach, facing south
Grenada Beaches - Magazine Beach

You see those rocks at the end of the beach? Here’s the view from them:

Magazine Beach, facing north

Morne Rouge Beach

Remember the photo of Grand Anse Beach from its southern end? Morne Rouge Beach is about a hundred feet away! The public access is off Quarantine Point Road (we missed the turn and ended up on a private road).

I didn’t have my DSLR cam with me when we visited. So here are a few phone photos.

Beaches in Grenada Morne Rouge Beach
Closeup of Morne Rouge Beach
Morne Rouge Beach
Grenada Beaches Morne Rouge Beach

Absolutely gorgeous! By the way, this beach is great for snorkeling!


L’anse Aux Epines Beach

Isn’t that such a wonderful name for this south coast beach? It’s French for the Beach of Thorns. I can assure you though I saw no thorns. Just a calm, sheltered, beautiful beach!

Beaches in Grenada L'anse Aux Epines Beach
L'anse aux epines wave

Can you even call that a wave?


Dragon Bay

Dragon Bay is a must visit! Why? Besides being a quiet beach, it’s really close to the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park. The ‘park’ is a collection of underwater concrete sculptures; designed to encourage coral and marine life growth.

I’m a big fan of conservation initiatives like this one. So I really wanted to snorkel over the sculptures (you can dive too). There are boats that can take you out to the park for US $20. If only time was on our side to do this… maybe next time!

Beaches in Grenada: Dragon Bay
Dragon Bay, Grenada

True Blue Bay

True Blue Bay is a couple minutes away from L’Anse Aux Epines Beach.

You can see the whole bay from the country’s university. Can you imagine going to college with a view like this?

Beaches in Grenada Dragon Bay

So pretty!

Do you see the silver roofs on the water’s edge? That’s a restaurant! We had lunch there (I think it’s called Dodgy Dock) and here are the views:

True Blue Bay
Dodgy Dock

Fancy lunch with a view like that?


It’s time to hear from you. Did you like these beaches in Grenada? Ever been? Leave a comment, I’d love to read your stories! I’m also looking to add new beaches to my bucket list. Do you have any suggestions?


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