Besides temple visits and night market adventures, you should visit the Bangkok snake farm while in the Thai capital city. It’s a treat for all animal lovers – young and old alike. And there are lots of kid-friendly exhibits too.

I visited in 2014. It was ages ago; but I still remember it like it was yesterday… It’s not every day you’re ten feet away from a king cobra!


Getting to Bangkok Snake Farm

I used the BTS Skytrain and stopped off at Sala Daeng station. There are a couple ways to get to the farm from the station.

You can head down to the street level and weave your way through the sights and smells (mainly smells since there are food spots everywhere) to get to Rama IV road. There’s a zebra crossing close to the farm; but navigate it carefully since the road is a major one in the city.

You can also stay on the train level and continue along the skywalk which allows you to cross above the road. Then it’s a short walk to the farm.

It’s a 10 minute walk either way.



Admission is 200 Baht for adults and 50 Baht for kids.


Venom Extraction

I got to the farm around 10:45 am. Yep, early. But as I got there, one of the security guards kindly ushered me into a small, air conditioned auditorium. That’s where handlers were demonstrating venom extraction of a banded krait.

By the way, the demonstration starts at 11 am, Monday to Friday, except on holidays. There is no extraction on the weekend.

The presentation was given in Thai and English so it was easy to understand. There was also a close up camera that gave a good projected image of the venom leaking out of the snakes.

The extraction happens within an enclosed space so everyone is safe. And the snakes aren’t hurt either. They’re actually helping!

The Bangkok snake farm is part of the Thai Red Cross Institute and is next to a hospital and university. So extracting venom is important for developing anti-venom, which can be used locally within the hospital or externally. It is necessary work; considering how deadly the snakes of Thailand are.

Here are a couple photos from the demonstration.

Venom Extraction at Bangkok Snake Farm
Closeup of Venom Extraction at Bangkok Snake Farm

Exhibits at Bangkok Snake Farm

There are lots of snakes on display all over the farm; both inside and outside.

This long-nosed whip snake had the prettiest color. And if you look closely to the bottom of the enclosure, you will see tiny little frogs. The snakes are definitely well fed there.

These red-tailed green rat snakes were also mesmerizing. They look like two adorable lovebirds …err… love-snakes?

Bangkok Snake Farm: Red-Tailed Green Rat Snakes
Closeup of Bangkok Snake Farm: Red-Tailed Green Rat Snakes

The Caribbean doesn’t have many poisonous snakes. We have coral snakes and small pit vipers. That’s it. So I was excited to see cobras.

This one was an albino monocled cobra. Look at those amazing scales.

Albino Monocled Cobra

Here’s how monocled cobras usually look:

Monocled Cobra at Snake Farm in Bangkok

Outside had larger enclosures with some of the biggest snake species in the world. This one is a Burmese python! Have you ever seen snakes that thick?!

Burmese Python at Snake Farm Bangkok

There were also exhibits with hundreds of snakes. And strangely they all seem to clump together (maybe because of the heat?). This one had copperhead rat snakes, Indochinese rat snakes and banded rat snakes. They’re all in one pile in the center (don’t zoom if you aren’t a snake fan!).

Rat snakes at Bangkok's snake farm

Back inside, there are truly informational exhibits explaining everything about snakes. This one showed the skeleton of a king cobra.

King cobra skeleton at Snake Farm in Bangkok

There are also some cool preserved specimens of banded kraits and cobras. Did you know they are among the world’s deadliest snakes?

Preserved kraits and cobras at Snake Farm in Bangkok

Snake Handling Show

After spending a couple hours learning about and admiring snakes, it was time for the main attraction: the snake handling show. It’s at 2:30 pm during the week and at 11 am on the weekends.

The show happened in a small covered outdoor theatre. And it started with a handler casually strolling past with a king cobra! Yep… a huge cobra! That’s an entrance!

While watching the cobra raise, flare its hood and hiss, a presenter explained fun facts and details (in English and Thai) about the cobra and snakes in general. For instance, did you know snakes can’t really see? So if you don’t make sudden movements, a snake won’t be aware of exactly where you are.

King cobra at snake handling show in Bangkok
Closeup of King cobra at snake handling show

Menacingly beautiful isn’t he?

They also brought out a pair of small monocled cobras.

Pair of monocled cobras at Thai farm

And a banded krait! These handlers are so brave! Here you get a look at the theatre too! The show happens on both sides so you won’t miss anything.

Snake handling show with banded krait in Bangkok

The show ended with non-poisonous snakes like boas and a photo op with a large boa constrictor or albino python. The whole show is well organized and engaging.

After the show, I got across the Rama IV road and somehow ended up having a fish pedicure! Haha!

Have you ever been to the Bangkok snake farm? Let me know in the comments below. And pin this for later:

Things to do in Thailand: Snake Farm in Bangkok

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