65 Self Love Affirmations to Be Kind to Yourself

I truly hope these affirmations for self love remind you to protect your own mental health and wellbeing.

Nurture your mind, body and soul and you’ll do wonderous things.

Self love affirmations

1. I love the DNA my foremothers and forefathers gave to me.
2. I love the intellect I am blessed with.
3. I love the body I have.
4. I love the skin that I am in.
5. I love the mind I have and its positive internal voice.

Self love affirmations: I love the DNA my foremothers and forefathers gave to me

6. I love my beautiful imagination.
7. I love my gut instincts.
8. I love my intuition.
9. I love my skepticism.
10. I love my sense of humor.

Self love affirmations: I love my gut instincts

11. I love my capacity to think things through.
12. I love my wild side.
13. I love the life I choose to live.
14. I love living in my authenticity.
15. I love what I already have.

16. I love all my accomplishments.
17. I love the lessons I’ve learned during difficulty.
18. I love my strength and resilience.
19. I love my ability to adapt to new circumstances and environments.
20. I love that I am constantly growing and improving.

Self love affirmations: I love the lessons I've learned during difficulty

Love yourself affirmations

21. I must make time for myself.
22. I must be patient with myself.
23. I must allow myself to make mistakes.
24. I must forgive myself for making mistakes.
25. I must be kind to myself.

26. I must have empathy for myself.
27. I must allow myself time to grieve.
28. I must give myself time to heal.
29. I must allow myself to feel all of my emotions.
30. I must allow myself to express all of my emotions.

31. I must rest my body.
32. I must take time to center my mind.
33. I must give myself time for my mind and soul to find inner peace.
34. I must protect my mental health.
35. I must protect my physical health.

Self love affirmations: I must give myself time for my mind and soul to find inner peace

36. I must learn to say ‘no’ to protect my health.
37. I must move away from toxic people and situations.
38. I must stay off social media when it is negative.
39. I must speak up when I need a break.
40. I must take a break when I need it.

I should affirmations for self love

41. I should not neglect my mind, body, or soul.
42. I should explore my hobbies.
43. I should tap into my creativity.
44. I should get crafty.
45. I should find my passions.

self love affirmations: I should take time to figure out my purpose

46. I should take time to figure out my purpose.
47. I should have a good laugh.
48. I should enjoy life’s pleasures.
49. I should sit and just breathe.
50. I should pamper myself.

51. I should stop and smell the flowers.
52. I should get a massage.
53. I should do a mani-pedi.
54. I should have a bubble bath without being disturbed.
55. I should try that face mask.

56. I should journal my feelings.
57. I should read that great book.
58. I should take a nap.
59. I should have a dance party.
60. I should get something nice for myself… I deserve it.

Neutral Affirmations

61. I will not use stereotypes to judge myself or my decisions.
62. I can release the judgement I’ve held onto about my body.
63. I can work through my fears and persevere.
64. I tried, I can try, and I can keep trying. I will not give up.
65. I am working on being better every day. Some days are OK and other days are exceptional.

There it is 65 affirmations for self love.

Save them, pin them, repeat them!

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